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Sometimes being confused means you know there is an opportunity. We all need the nudge in the right direction for leading a better life, success, a boost in self-confidence
or even taking the right decision. At soul quest, I am here to help you attain clarity and broaden your mind’s view about your life’s decisions so that you can choose what truly matters to you.


Personality Development

Career Coaching & Guidance

Relashionship Coaching & Guidance

Soul Reading

Akashic Readings

Self Confidence Building

Self Transformation



Business problem evaluation

Business guidance with Akashic readings

Team motivation buildup

Thorough business Evaluation & Analysis

Overcoming business blockages

Business growth coaching

Wealth accumulation through Akashic readings


What Is Soul Quest?

Your incarnation on EARTH, is not an accident. It is an intended ACT of realization via experiences. The life and lifetimes you have had until now, and the many circumstances you have been through are all your manifestations.

If you are on this website and reading this content, it’s not a mere coincidence.

Did you know your Soul has been incarnating only to be Abundant and have a Fulfilling experience? Realigning to your original blueprint or life purpose or life path is supposed to be the only Soul Quest.

It is proof that you are aware about the power of your CHOICES and you are not happy with the consequences so far. Your choices have created a life for you that is probably like a battlefield. And now you are tired of it and want to make your life a “PLAYGROUND”.

Every tool we use at SOUL QUEST is to align to our DIVINTY. We are dedicating all our work to make you “Aware” so that you choose to “ALIGN” and become the “ABUNDANT” soul you were always meant to be.

So say Hello to your NEW WORLD, and be willing to take NEW ACTIONS so that you are re-aligned to life which is a beautiful playground filled with unlimited happiness, peace and joy.

I Can Help you with


Personality is everything. Develop the right tone to your personality, overcome self-sabotaging tendencies, and achieve success in life with your peaceful self.


Forge the perfect relationship with your inner self and your surroundings. Convey your mind with clarity and conviction. Know how to stop being silent.

Being an OPTIMIST.

Freedom from self- limiting beliefs, doubts, negative thoughts is important to achieve; to attain PEACE and SUCCESS in life, and have a shining hope for future.

...and MORE

Evolving on a spiritual basis, and at par with your mind helps you achieve your goals faster, and without obstacles. My sessions help you align with yourself better.

How my services can help you

At soul quest, we provide perfect closures that satisfy your inner battles.

Get started by aligning your choices with your values and life’s goals.
The absolute purpose of Soul Quest is to mentor you towards a better life that rewards you for who you are. Let your true self acknowledge a new beginning by connecting each dot and walking on a desired path.
As a life coach, I would work with you toward personal development that leads to growth and success.

ACHIEVE success by unlocking your SOUL’s Core Blueprint which exists only for you.
BREAK FREE from all your negative thoughts, emotions, harmful energies and barriers and enjoy life to the fullest.
OVERCOME your bad luck streaks, feel confident and embrace a life full of gifts.

Clients Love "Soul Quest"

Our Clients are very happy with the transparency of their readings and the instant shift they find within their life’s.

Before Soul Quest : downward spiral continuously seeking something... not sure what I was seeking After Soul Quest : understood myself, believed in my own power to make things happen as I now knew what I was seeking .. understood the discord with my soul.. feeling great have reconnected to self ❤️ I was helped and guided through whole process best thing I have ever done for myself​.
Ruby D
Program Manager - UK
These sessions have had a huge impact on me . To anyone who says" I don't have the time to help myself" (myself included) , I suggest you try these sessions weekly. I did and now I look forward to spending "me" time each day. The sessions with Debjani are dynamic and filled with guidance and comfort throughout the process.
transformational expert
Kate . D
Before Soul Quest : I was doing ok in life , things were also running on a low since the lockdown. After Soul Quest : There were too many revelations, lots of things that had happened but I was ignoring them. Soul Quest better than others : It was very direct and frank, I loved the point blank approach it was quick realisation to what I was hiding all my life.
transformational expert
Daksh Hingarh

What Is Soul-Quest App?

This App is created for the sole purpose of self-healing which works on the Sub conscious mind. This app is been created, so that people can use it and get their answers to their issues by their self within a short span of time.

The speed of transformation is totally depending on your faith and belief. Chant with a doubt and we can guarantee you delayed results, but results none the less. Chant with faith and results are tremendous.

This app is totally free. Its just few mins of chanting with belief and nothing else required to achieve all and any kind of your dreams. Its a must have app, check it out once, believe in our mantras, belive in your-self and enjoy the changes in your life.