4 Powerful Books That Can Change Your Life

Books that can change your life aren’t many. So, it is necessary to read those books if you really want to change your life. I recently finished reading a couple of books that significantly altered the way I think and feel. If you want to make a big difference in your life, I suggest reading these books. 


If you sit around waiting for motivation, it will never arrive. Your life may be changed by your acts alone and only your actions. Forget the years you wasted trying to break your harmful habits. 


You will experience favorable improvements if you heed the suggestions in these books.


Books That Can Change Your Life #1 – The first and strongest book I would suggest is David Goggins’ “Can’t Hurt Me.”

If you wait for right motivation to strike before going to the gym, you should read this book. David Goggins takes you on a tour of his terrible upbringing and early, miserable years in his book. 


This book tells the narrative of David Goggins’ metamorphosis from an obese, sad person to one of the best endurance athletes in the whole world. You left this book with the impression that your mind is more powerful than your body. 


Your brain can overcome physical discomfort and illuminate a way past the original hurt to your full potential. The most important lesson in this book is to never wait for inspiration. 


Books That Can Change Your Life #2 – Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” is my second suggestion.

This self-help book is written in the form of a parable or fictional narrative. It tells the story of Santiago, a young man who journeyed from Spain to the Egyptian desert in quest of a treasure hidden in the Pyramids.

Paulo Coelho imparts a great deal of knowledge through a variety of circumstances and interactions in this treasure hunt tale.


You must read this book to understand the value of following our emotions and the strength of our aspirations.


Books That Can Change Your Life #3 & 4 – The next two books by Mel Robbins that I suggest are “Kick-Ass” and “Take Control of Your Like.”

I read these two novels back-to-back. I perceived a conceptual and narrative connection between these two novels. I am suggesting two books as one because of this.


Mel discusses procrastination in the Kick-Ass book and contends that it has nothing to do with laziness, a lack of work ethic, or your capacity for productivity. 


The pressures in your life are the main factor. Making to-do lists, purchasing new planners, and attempting all of the time-management tips won’t work if you procrastinate until you address the underlying reason for your procrastination. This book’s chapter on discovering passion was my favorite to read.


Your passion isn’t what you “love,” according to Mel. Simply said, passion is energy. Follow your energy if you see it. Avoid it if you become exhausted by it. Mel covers a total of eight topics that are pertinent to your conduct and day-to-day living.


In the book Take Control of Your Life, Mel Robbins describes her one-on-one life-coaching sessions with her patients. You can uncover triggers that cause you to respond specifically by observing and understanding how your body and emotions work using the knowledge you gain from these books. 


You’ll also discover that several of your behavioral patterns and qualities have childhood memories as their sources. Mel claims that while motivation is a fallacy, taking charge of your life is easy when you take action.


Wrap Up

By broadening your horizons and learning new things, you improve. You may use it to shape your opinions and perspective.

The books on this list have tremendously inspired me and opened my eyes to new ways of looking at the world. It gave me a variety of viewpoints. Not living like someone else is the objective. You need to discover a way of life and a line of work that is meaningful and gratifying to you alone.

I was able to view myself and the world for what they are because of the concepts in these books. The tales gave me guidelines and fundamentals and helped me develop better questions. Aside from that, it improved my knowledge, self-assurance, open-mindedness, and curiosity.

Learning new things and understanding things you’ve never understood is the most exciting thing in the world.

Your curiosity grows as you read more.

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