5 Tiny Productivity Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Productivity hacks which everyone has to know if they want to change their life. Do you have trouble staying on task? Do you ever feel a bit unfulfilled at the end of the workday, as like you might have accomplished more? It needn’t be this way, though. You can feel happy and content with what you’ve done when you leave work. A few productivity tips will enable you to work more effectively and, most significantly, will provide you with more free time each day.

You must examine the underlying reasons for each of these widespread problems if you want to be productive at all times. The best solution of action is to address the underlying causes of your low productivity, even though this may require consistent effort and time.

But what if you want to boost your productivity by first starting with the simplest tasks? You should read this article.

I’ll give you a handful of fast productivity tips in this post so you can at least start to notice some improvement in your productivity.


Productivity Hacks #1 – Read each email once At A Time.

Decide on what to do with an email before you open it. You can reply, remove, forward, or archive it. You cannot put it off for a later time. To be honest: Getting into the habit of doing this is not easy. This is how your inbox turns into a monster that stalks you with “all those emails I still have to get back to.” Even after working on it for over a year, I occasionally falter and leave emails hanging. But on days when I keep to my “only check email once” guideline, my world is just more fantastic.


Productivity Hacks #2 – Write Down All The Important Tasks

My friend suggested this tip, who always has a little notepad with him and writes down any ideas he has that he wants to remember later. The idea is to transfer mental clutter to a list that you can check later, whether you use a notepad or a computerized to-do list.


Productivity Hacks #3 – Set aside time for “stress.”

The ability of your brain to perform other tasks is significantly reduced if you are constantly worrying about things or experiencing anxiety about an impending event or a decision you must make. Stress is a part of life that none of us can completely avoid. However, scheduling a time slot where you can simply give in to your stress—say, let’s for 20 minutes—helps. It’s one of the most shockingly useful things I’ve done to be more productive and a little less crazy about myself. I tried this a few times before I made it a regular weekly practice.


Productivity Hacks #4 – Procrastinate productively.

You recognize that feeling you get after you realize you’ve just spent half an hour aimlessly browsing through your Facebook feed? Yeah, not an honest one. So if you’re about to procrastinate, do it in a very productive way. Seek something specific that doesn’t have to do with your daily work, so you can relax for some time. 

Set a small goal for what you would like to induce with your procrastination time, and you’ll feel more energized and focused afterward, rather than frustrated that you simply wasted some time.


Productivity Hacks #5 – Write down Only 5 things at a time on your to-do list. 

 You might be shaking your head “no way” straight away but provide it a try. You’ll be able to have a bucket list elsewhere and write down all the items you wish to recollect there (see hack #2 above). Except for your daily to-do list, attempt to just specialize in 5 things at a time. You’ll force yourself to work out what’s really important; you’ll feel less overwhelmed, then, after you can get most of it done, you’ll desire a real-world superhero.


Final Thought

If you’re searching for productivity hacks to prevent procrastinating and begin getting done efficiently, this can be the list of hacks you wish.

The common reasons why the majority don’t seem to be productive are Procrastinating, Not knowing a way to prioritize, or Getting distracted easily.

To stay productive all the time, you’ll perforate the basis causes of these common causes. While this will take consistent effort and time, fixing the basic causes of your low productivity is the best solution.

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