7 Unbelievable Tips To Make Someone Feel Special

Make someone feel special with the tips mentioned in this article easily because it conveys the impression that our presence matters to someone else; we all desire to be valued. Since being appreciated is how we realize that we are significant to others and that our presence does make a difference in someone’s life, it helps us feel valued and cherished.

A sincere smile, a hand extended in support and solidarity, and a readiness to pay attention when someone wants to speak. All these small deeds of kindness cause our brains to release oxytocin, sometimes known as “the love hormone.” Consequently, the motivation behind unselfish giving is founded on our own need to feel good.

Here are some easy methods to express your love and appreciation to someone else using words. They are based on my own personal experiences.


Make someone feel special Tip #1 – Show Them How They Motivate You To Be A Better Person

A few months ago, I got the following note from a reader: “You are helping me see the world and myself in a positive light.” Sincerely moved and immensely appreciative to have read such lovely remarks.

Every morning, we all want to experience the reviving understanding that the job we are about to accomplish matters and that, in some small way, we are making a difference in someone else’s life.

Your drive to keep walking a thousand miles in grace may sometimes be boosted by a simple reminder that “you inspired me to accomplish X” or “I want to let you know that your work is helping me overcome my worries and pushing me to take action.”


Make someone feel special Tip #2 – Compliment Them

Giving your loved ones sincere praises is a terrific way to make them feel special, yet it may be challenging because you don’t want to go overboard.

It needn’t be daily, but it’s always nice when someone recognizes that you’ve put some effort into something, like getting a haircut.

Give them the same kind of nice, fuzzy feeling you have when someone takes the time to notice and appreciates what you’ve done.

Keep it genuine, though, as if someone compliments you too much, it may seem that they aren’t sincere.

Ensure that you are speaking the truth and not merely stating anything to please others (they will immediately pick up on it!). You don’t want people to believe that you are acting phony.


Make someone feel special Tip #3 – Pay them your whole attention.

When you see that they are depressed or need to vent, pay attention to what they have to say.

Give them your whole attention, so they understand they are your top priority right now and that you are interested in what they have to say.


Make someone feel special Tip #4 – Show them you’re all just like them.

Be transparent and vulnerable with them if they are willing to do the same with you.

This shows them that you’re all just like them—fearful and insecure.

Additionally, it could help them understand that their feelings are shared by others.


Make someone feel special Tip #5 – Encourage them in their efforts.

Offer to assist them with a challenging assignment that will need a lot of work and is likely to be overwhelming.

They will be grateful that you extended the opportunity early on rather than when they were about to drown.

It demonstrates your enthusiasm for and backing of what they are doing.


Make someone feel special Tip #6 – Learn their language of love.

It’s wonderful that various people have varied tastes. But in many kinds of partnerships, it may also lead to some uncertainty.

What makes you feel unique and valued might not affect someone else in the same way. And something that gives them a sense of importance could not elicit any feelings from you.


Final Thought

Individuals will perform better and love their job more in the workplace if they feel valued and capable of doing it.

People would be more ready to participate in the workplace if everyone, or even the majority, adopted this approach.

Employees would experience the importance and real recognition and appreciation for their contributions.

Instead of feeling like a mere cog in the machine, they would feel special.

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