8 rules of love to a happier relationship

Rules of love might sound weird, right? But trust me, if you follow these rules, nothing can stop you from having a happier relationship.

Are you in love?

Do you hate your partner?

Are you struggling with your relationship?

You may have answered YES to the previous questions, and yes, this blog is especially for you. Listen to me carefully, and I will make you fall in love with your partner again.

If you are not in a relationship, spend some time to understand your future partner better. It’s enough, and I’ll take you directly on this journey.

What is a healthier relationship?

Understand the basics: “My partner should say ‘I love you’ every day” or “My partner must be home for dinner five nights a week,” are not relationship rules. 

They are instead based on broader concepts that help you be polite with your partner, see the big picture, and accept the beauty of unpredictability in relationships. 

Healthy relationship rules do not place restrictions on your partner or your union. Instead, they promote growth and eliminate unsafe expectations that can suffocate you as a couple.

Healthier relationships make you understand each other better and help you overcome your insecurities. 

It may also help you achieve your goals in life. Now, let’s explore the eight rules of love for a healthier relationship.

Rules Of Love #1 – Personal Space

Don’t be together all 24 hours; sometimes, it will hurt you when you have a bad day.  

It will make you blind, and you will start treating your partner without respecting their time and effort. It will create a huge mess in your relationship in the long run.

Have some “ME time” even in your relationship, and develop some habits to help you overcome your problems.

Personal space is essential and a must in all relationships.

Rules Of Love #2 –  Respect each other

The first rule of maintaining a strong, loving relationship is to respect your partner. One must respect one partner’s time, heart, personality, and trust. Then only you can expect the same level of respect from them!

Remember that numerous actions can weaken the feeling of respect given or received. 

Try to avoid such behavior because it will only make things worse for you both.

Rules Of Love #3 – Past Traumas

Never bring anything from the past. Never. They are no longer living there, and bringing the same event may hurt them badly. It will also make them hide anything that’s happening in the present too. Before entering a relationship, or if you are in a relationship, make sure to be an open book about your past. Even a small page of your past may affect your relationship badly. If you didn’t open the book yet, open it now. It may hurt for some time, but it will surely help you in the long run.

Rules Of Love #4 – Appreciate and admire

Although recognition can be an excellent source of interpersonal fulfillment, being in a long-term relationship can cause us to forget to express our gratitude to our loved ones. However, admiration conveys to the meaningful others that you appreciate having them by your side. It’s a simple, cost-free relationship rule that can help keep a relationship strong.

Small gestures, kind words, and genuine passion in their day will boost your bond’s confidence and make your partner feel loved. It’s also an excellent way to make your other half feel good about themselves.

Rules Of Love #5 – Never compare your relationship with others.

People always compare their relationships with others all the time, and the arrival of social media made it even worse.

The happiest couples avoid comparing their relationships at all costs. They understand that fights happen and that their relationship may be worse than others at times. Still, they focus on patching up and improving their relationship rather than fantasizing about someone else.

Try to realize the fact of why you fell in love with your mate in the first place when you want to compare what you have with what someone else has.

Rules Of Love #6 –  Ask for forgiveness

It is perfectly normal for anyone to make mistakes. However, if you have committed a mistake, prepare to confess it and ask for forgiveness. Trying to deny it or defend your actions will only make matters worse.

Rules Of Love #7 – Never sleep with an argument.

Sleeping on it is the worst advice ever. It would help if you never went to bed with an unresolved argument. This can not only make things worse but also interfere with your sleep, affecting your health. As a result, settle any disagreements before going to bed.

Rules Of Love #8 – Not a one-day game ( Relationship )

This is the final relationship rule to remember:

If you don’t help it grow, romance will vanish.

Remember that love is not a one-day job if you want to keep your relationship last long. It’s a series of small and large daily actions culminating in a significant, beautiful outcome.

Final words:

Even reading this list is insufficient! It’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding how much you can learn, try, and do together to strengthen your bond. Remember, we all get lost in our hectic schedules life is fast-paced and intense. However, some things, such as family life, should always be scheduled in your daily planner. If all these don’t work, you can book an appointment with me, and as a relationship coach, I will help you to have a happy relationship.

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