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I’m Debjani Ghosh – A Personal Growth Coach & Akashic Mentor

If you are here, that means you’re a seeker of exciting and realistic journeys, searching possibly for answers, clarity, direction, freedom, self-confidence and mostly YOURSELF.

After having a 21+ years of hectic corporate life and professional accolades, one day I noticed the roller coaster ride I chose for myself which had all the thrills but really no genuine achievement or happiness that would last forever.

Out of curiosity I took up my 1st course in hypnosis, the entire mission being to realize Who I AM , and then my journey began where i started unraveling all the layers within my personality and how it was possible to de-code the faulty patterns of thought and action which of course reflected in my relationships, my finances and my health.

Once I started getting sorted I began attracting people who were in similar situations with no answers, they moved from healer to healer just like me wanting solutions like magic, but almost always found themselves in a glass box.

That’s when I began working professionally with business houses and individuals on their self inflicted restrictions and blocks. Clearing any limitation is not a 30 minute job, it has many steps ,Step 1 – Awareness , Step 2 – Acceptance and Step 3 – Action.

As I started de-coding each layer for my clients , I realized the true power of the steps which gave us mind-blowing results.
Businesses started growing exponentially , Individuals bloomed , ambitions got achieved and Re-written ( for many).

With alignment to your blueprint life overall gets easy, finances multiply, health gets better, relationships become a charm.

Yes the tough part is the “detachment” from old habits, patterns and self-sabotaging glitches we love to hold on to,but that’s why I’m here to kick-start the best journey of your life.

If you are serious about starting this journey of growth, then you owe it to yourself to take action today.


My Gratitude:-

My Parents & Family
All my teachers , friends , clients and well-wishers

I found my education and professional experience insufficient to answer to the real pains of life.

So I began my souls search with hypnosis, then graphology then chakra with aura reading and finally Akashic reading and energy awareness and healings. 

A special mention of my Inspiring teachers :-

  • Dr.Rahul Datta
  • Yuvraj Kapadia
  • Neeta (Atman)
  • Milind Rajore
  • Andrea Hess
  • Kat Miller
  • Surilli Gupta

With their sound and specific advise I was not only able to transform my life but also help others to transform theirs.

I’m able to handhold the “willing” people  towards their own uniqueness with detailed Akashic readings, sub-conscious work, graphological and chakra based corrections and energy realignment.

There is a lot of work for my clients to do,  our sessions will not be easy. However once the work begins , and life begins to shift and you evolve, there’s only one way to go and that’s towards abundance and happiness in every aspect of your LIFE ( personal relationships, health as well as finances and wealth).

I welcome one and all to take a Quest into their mind & soul with me, i look forward to our alignment together.” 

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