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Debjani Ghosh – Akashik record reader and Soul  Mentor.

I define myself as an Emotion Artist – Artist of emotions and energy.

After going through a lot of channels of learning, self-exploration, and self-destruction, in 2018 I began a project close to my heart & named it as “Soul Quest”.

This is where I started to get closer to my inner world and to discover the spirit.

Under the  guidance of spiritual masters I discovered the world of soul energy which opened the doors for me to a magical world, of healing and awareness.

My sole purpose is to help and assist people to get back on track within their life and give a sincere push to change not only their life now but in all lifetimes.

I accompany my client (as well as myself) within their unconscious, guiding them to listen to their emotions and thus helping to free blocks due to past trauma.

Each soul that I read brings me closer to feeling completeness towards my own soul purpose, and tremendous happiness to see the joy in the changed lives of my clients, their family life, their businesses & their relationships.

Debjani Ghosh, Meet The Mentor

With 21+ years of experience, Debjani Ghosh is a founder of Soul Quest and is a Mentor by nature.

She has corporate experience working with vital development in Indian and International Organizations by setting up different verticals using her involvement with HR and Strategic Marketing.

 Her primary objective in each association was to improve the DNA inside associations by bringing an inner change inside Organizations that continues with time.

 Debjani has gained tremendous experience in the training and HR industry through the services she offered within India through her Organization named DNA Associates.

 Besides leading DNA Associates, Debjani also believes in shaping the future of India through her guest lecturer ships in the past at MBA Colleges (IGNOU + Mumbai University). Her excellent knack for managing people helps her in counseling individuals, employees, families, and organizations.

Debjani is appointed as a Counsellor and Life Coach at several organizations where she interacts with employees and stakeholders to improve the productivity of work. Alongwith Akashic readings she is able to transform the working and manifesting dynamics of these Organizations.

Debjani is an internal behavioral trainer where she works toward developing alignment within the organization. Debjani is certified with degrees that help her crystallize and focus on individual talents and energy to guide individuals towards the most suitable career path and personal growth. 

In her own words, “I believe in changing myself in such a way that I can guide with references to my personal experiences.

I value every individual’s journey and soul purpose and advise actions accordingly. I can say that with Akashic reading the overall benefits I can provide to an individual, or a group of individuals is only and only towards healing and awareness, and real transformation within one’s life and an organization.

My own life has transformed to such an extent that it took me a while to digest the facts that instead of running from one healer to another all I had to do was combine my very own knowledge to heal myself.

I found my own MBA from IIM insufficient to heal me in trying times and adapt with Life Issues. And began my souls search with Hypnosis, then Graphology then Chakra and Aura reading and finally Akashic reading. 

My Vision in Life is – To help people, organizations to climb the hill of changes, trials and tribulations within life and learn from the experience of earnest sharing.

I welcome one and all to Quest their Soul Journey with me, helping you aligns me too.” 

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