Akashic Soul Blueprint


When you enter the world of Akashic Records, you realize how everything has been programmed in our soul. Sometimes, the soul’s plan could hold you back from your goals. To reach our aim, first, we must understand ourselves and our soul. Therefore, it makes it important for us to have our Akashic Soul Blueprint. 

What is Soul Blueprint?

Soul Blueprint describes our soul. It makes us aware of various things. For Instance, Our gifts, talents, basic awareness, and how we are wired. The process could vary from an hour to three days. It highly depends on you. Whether you want to go into the depth of it or not. An hour process will be a piece of very brief information about your soul. However, in the three days process, you will get to know every tiny detail of your soul. For Instance, its purpose, where is it going, does it require deeper cleansing, etc.?

Why Soul Blueprint is Important?

We are going to narrow down the importance of Soul Blueprint in seven points as below:

  • How to move on from the setbacks of your life
  • How to engage yourself in joy and gratitude
  • Exploring the options that our life presents to us
  • Getting to know our gifts, talents and optimizing them to the fullest
  • Understanding how the law of attraction works
  • Clearing out the negative energies that block your way
  • Raising your vibrations to become the best versions of ourselves


By the end of the blog, you must have learned and understood the meaning and purpose of Soul Blueprint. It includes spiritual cleansing as well as Akashic Records Reading. It let you regain your consciousness for the betterment of your life. This experience can be life-changing for people once they get into it. 

Contact us at www.soul-quest.in for an initial reading of your Soul Blue Print

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