AMPLIFY package

An Annual package of Life mentoring and advisory sessions based on repeated access and clearance of your Akashic/ Soul records which deeply impacts Health, Wealth and Finances from all aspects and helps you to achieve our Goals & Dreams as an Individual and Family.

    • Understanding Souls Blueprint Tuning in to your Soul “Blueprint” and aligning to it which will help shift your Souls Vibration finally into auto mode of receiving abundance in life.
    • Regular Coaching from Your Spirit Guide Team By coaching with your Spirit Guides, you receive support in making more purposeful choices, every day.
    • Multiple Property Readings Properties you own have their own records and clearing them can bring shift in the energy of the property
    • Mapping Souls Divinity and Energetic Gaps Working on the complex layers of personality and behavioral patterns. Changing negative patterns to positive and shifting the gears towards abundance.
    • Multiple Life Situation Readings Clearing Life altering situations which have blocked our pathways to creating and manifesting all that is good.
    • Chakra and Body Alignment with Mind & Soul Working with misaligned Chakras at all 3 dimensions that helps to progress with new action.
    • Multiple Relationship Readings Healing Relationships that make and break us, not one but so many of them. Understanding the complexities of each relationship we are in.
    • Family Soul Readings Extension of Spouse & Children’s Soul Readings within limitations.
      Its always wonderful when our family members evolve with us and share the happiness and joy of evolution of soul.
    • Future Readings Understanding the future possibilities and options that will open up and choices that we can opt to make.
    • Energy Work Creating your own Energy Vector for stability and inner connection to the outer existence.

What you’ll Get:-

    • 24 x 2 hour sessions – spread for 12 months
    • Package  Energy Exchange –  Rs.2,51, 001/-
    • Can be booked right away with Rs.14, 999/- , balance to be paid up in EMI’s before readings.
    • Kindly ask for the breakup of the EMI.
    • Package Validity – 365 Days
    • All appointments are given subject to availability only.


      Your Intention statement is critical to your reading so it is essential that you set it up seriously.


How it works?


  • Readings are done with Clients Direct Permission.
  • Readings are given subject to your Akashic / Soul Records giving appropriate access.
  • All payments are to be made in advance before a reading appointment is fixed.
  •  There are no discounts offered in the above package.
  • Appointments made, subject to availability only.
  • We follow a “no refund” policy, so take your time before you book an appointment.
  • It is essential to make up your mind before you make a decision.
  • Our Readings are transformational, hence a lot of shifts will happen in your life based on our action taking capabilities.
  • Transformation is fundamental, to bring reform in your life. So please take this reading only if you are willing to CHANGE.
  • Refund/Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: There are no refunds for reading once done. And the cancellation of reading within 24 hours of the scheduled time is subject to a 50% cancellation fee. You may reschedule your reading any time SOONER than 24 hours before your scheduled time.
  • Please make a note that reading is not a substitute for any medical situation.


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