Ashley Wood and Her Offerings to Akashic Records

Who is Ashley Wood?

Ashley Wood is a spiritual teacher or healer who guides women to optimize their lifestyle.

It could be any aspect of their life like career, health, finance, etc. She resides in Canada with her family and cats.

She is a passionate person who enjoys things like Yoga, Animals, Vegan living, etc. Besides that, she is also very involved in Akashic Records.

How Ashley Contributed to Society?

Therefore, she and her family together have created and produced “Manifest This!”.

Further to this, they also own Lot 49 Dairy-Free Foods. Ashley is also the host and Co-founder of A-Line Within.

She aims to modernize the Akashic Records to teach people how to align their highest self. She teaches people how to gain access to the infinite wisdom of our soul.

Ashley explains to people about the electric line running within us that guides us on our lives that we chose to live.

Akashic Records Teachings by Ashley Wood

We already have discussed the objective of Ashley’s teachings. However, let’s see how it helps us in our day to day lives. Below is the list of benefits:

  • Live in the Present, Not in the Process
  • Release your Fears and open your Hearts
  • Find your Middle Space in the Real World
  • Embrace the Unknown
  • Grow Comfortably in Dark
  • Never Feel Guilty of your Happiness
  • Go against Groupthink and many more

Not only does she focus on the living, but also she teaches people to deal with mental health problems, for instance, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Distractions, Depression, etc.


Lastly, we have concluded what changes can Akashic Records can bring into a person’s life.

Moreover, how there are people like Ashley Wood, who are always eager to reach out to people to support and guide them on the right path.

Ashley doesn’t offer her services in India.

Talk to Soul Quest for Free Akashic Records Reading & Personalize Guidance, in India.

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