Best Books on Manifestation


Manifestation implies the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction is the frequency that is attracted by the vibrations.

People, therefore, function as magnets. Magnets that attract thoughts, things, people, and situations to themselves, which vibrate at the same frequency that we emit. So based on what we “give”, “we attract”.

Books like “The Secret”, is very focusing on the materialistic part of the law of attraction and on the aspect of” You can attract what you want”.

The car, the job, the increase, the house, the money, the soul mate, the vacation, the bicycle, the dog, the cat, and the wheelbarrow.

So, therefore we can say that the object of our desire is what we want to manifest in our life.

Manifestation is the physical and concrete appearance in our life, of what we wanted, of our desire.

I have only now reached this point because there is a fundamental thing to understand about this concept.

Why do we want the car, the dream job, the pay raise, the house, the money, the soul mate, the cat, and the dog?

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Everything, whatever our desires of the moment are, we want it because we believe, we are convinced that at the moment of obtaining that particular thing or situation, we will be happy.

Now follow me because this concept is key.

Therefore, we can say our vibration and the vibration of what we want to achieve must coincide to attract it.

However, Some of the beautiful books give us deep insight into the vital force of nature.

How the law of attraction works as per manifestation books?

  1. Infinite Possibilities: Mike Dooley’s book, The Art of Living your Dreams, explains that what we believe we can achieve; It’s a mindset that works to manifest our dreams.

2. The Success Principles(TM) – Jack wrote a book named, “How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”.
Jack Canfield via his book gives us an idea of how we can target where we want to be in a matter of times and how we can work toward our goals.

3. Connect How To Love And Accept Yourself After Divorce by Dawn Burnett – This book guides on a successful plan to attract true love and how to overcome the past.

4. Habits for Success: G. Brian Benson’s Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar Paperback teaches you how can lay a strong foundation. Because successful books are very informative.

5.The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy – The author explains how the law of attraction works and his personal experiences.

Also, to stories from the interview, she gave to magazines.
These are some of the good reads on manifestation, which teach us and guide us on how we can rise to the frequency of happiness for getting things and being happy and using the law of attraction to attract positivity.

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