Need For Transformation

Today more than anytime earlier , is the true need for Personal Transformation. I believe we should follow Nature as the only guiding system for living on this earth. I know many would disagree to this point of view but time and again Nature has shown things that will last and what wont.

There is a balance in Nature, it allows some amount of exploitation and overuse but after you cross a limit, it almost always finds its own sense of balance and voila you may have an earthquake, a storm, a flood. True a lot of devastation takes place but a lot of universal balance is restored.

I personally feel we are at a time today where each of us faces a Tsunami in personal or professional life and we want to put it all on “Covid”. But seriously, had you really not known about your cheating spouse or, the hidden love affairs of your children, your cheating partner and abusive nature of all beings.

The glimpse of so many personal and professional outbreaks were present before and flashes came into your vision from time to time however we made a conscious choice to not dig deeper then. The need wasn’t there the time wasn’t there and subconsciously you knew it all the time.

That’s the brilliance of how your mind typically blocks the real things and diverts you to comfort thinking and basically “avoidance” and / or “delay” better still “ignorance”. How many times have you ignored the smell of weed coming from your child’s room? So many times you saw a distant and happy smile on your spouses face and knew it was for someone extremely special.

So when the calamity hits, in our life we like to call it a “traumatic ” incident occurs we are all shattered, crying and broken. When the true brilliance always lied in the very fact that you knew it all the time, but didn’t take care so now its happening in a big way so you are compelled to do something about it.

Well folks, I’m happy to announce “The need for transformation has arrived” whether you are ready for it or not and its not a shock, it always showed you its traces and gave you several warnings to begin to heed.

If you haven’t understood the signals, you are definitely facing a huge trauma. But if you had begun preparing your emotional self for the shifts , you’ll find yourself adapting to everything in a much faster way.

We follow Nature, we have no long term choice. Nature teaches to Transform and come back to root. The same logic is used at Soul Quest – Transform yourself by intuitive guidance of Akashic Mentoring. You can go back to your true Divinity, wiping away several lifetimes of erosion and unnecessary sufferings and choose to live true to your Nature.

Every Reading is unique and has a brilliance of its own teaching. It doesn’t blame anyone or anything, just reflects the choices and its consequences leaving you with the beautiful opportunity to choose once again, but this time choose wisely. Choose in awareness, Choose as per your Nature.

With new choices at the level of action, you will find how beautifully, you manifest a new and abundant life, and i’ts a life you have never dreamt of, with so much peace, and calm, and achievements. Come, live a Transformed life.

Soul Quest welcomes you to change gears in life and be aligned to your true Nature, no more traumas no more losses, no more pain. Only love, light, and joy.

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