Buddha on Meditation


Gautama Buddha, popularly known as “The Buddha”, was a philosopher, meditator, spiritual teacher, and religious leader. He founded Buddhism in the 6th Century. And one of his teachings that people follow wholeheartedly is how to meditate and why it’s necessary. He describes meditation as a tool or key to attaining enlightenment. If you want to know more about passages that advise on meditating, you can find them in Buddhist scriptures. 

Basics of Meditation as per Buddha

Buddha not only explains the importance of meditation but also guides us towards the proper way of doing it. As per Buddha, firstly, you must find a nice place where you can comfortably sit and relax. You do not need to always meditate on the floor. You can always take cushions or use a chair, depending on your comfort. 

Secondly, you should take care of your posture. In Buddhism, while meditating, you need to sit with crossed legs, and your hands should be placed over your laps. You can keep your palms open instead of folding your hands. After that, you need to take care that your back is straight. In Other Words, your upper body should be balanced to maintain the correct posture. 

Lastly, you need to focus on the air that is flowing in and out of your body. The sensation of breathing will bring a refreshing state and improve your concentration. That is how Buddha himself reached enlightenment.


It all narrows down to common points that one must follow for meditation. These are your comfortability and dedication towards meditating and reaching natural clarity. People tend to get confused between praying and meditation, but they both are poles apart. Prayer is all about worshiping the higher power as per their beliefs. However, meditation is calming your soul and reaching towards wisdom. And Buddhism always emphasizes meditation more than praying.

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