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Best Books on Manifestation

  Manifestation implies the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction is the frequency that is attracted by the vibrations. People, therefore, function as magnets. Magnets that attract thoughts, things, people, and situations to themselves, which vibrate at the same frequency that we emit. So based on what we “give”, “we attract”. Books like “The …

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Akashic Records Healing

Sandra Anne Taylor, and Universal Laws

Who is Sandra Anne Taylor? Sandra Anne Taylor is a popular counselor, consultant, and speaker who is known internationally. She spreads awareness throughout the world about the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy. Sandra even owns a radio show, “Living Your Quantum Success”, where she explores these principles. She offers different insights and reading …

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Relationship Coach

How to live a debt free life?

At Soul Quest people come often to Get Akashic Records Reading to get rid of debt, and live in financial abundance, with help of Akashic Records Reading, and finding negative financial blocks. How Debt Drains Your Energy. Debt is a contract requiring one party, the receiver, to pay another person, the borrower, money, or other …

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Self Empowerment Coach

How to get rich fast?

I know, the title seems to be the slogan that pops up like span in your e-mail, of those promises that make you dream, but which then resolved in hot air. However, the more unrealistic you believe this is, the less you will attract it to yourself. There is always a way. We are not …

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How to be emotionally strong?

INTRODUCTION Do you sometimes perceive that you are not strong emotionally as compared to colleagues? Do you feel that you are suffering from mental stress as you are not strong emotionally? A circle of emotions flows through all of our lives. Sometimes we come across a full of an emotional journey. We cannot sustain such …

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