Edgar Cayce, The sleeping prophet.

Edgar Cayce, the psychologists

Edgar Cayce is a name well known by psychologists all over the world. His story is simple and easy to follow. His strongest motivation is to take care of others and try to help others.

This impulse stems from his outstanding ability. Therefore, this talent has made him more famous after his death than in his life.

This gentle, unremarkable man discovered his self-hypnosis ability at the age of twenty-one, which makes his nickname no exaggeration. 

Who was Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce is also famous as “The sleeping prophet”.

He can put his body in a state of altered consciousness, and then answer the questions of people in trouble or with health problems with high accuracy and precision.

His pieces of advice are very effective. Therefore, it gives opportunities to those who have been depriving of the hope to understand this disease.

The shorthand records and marks the explanations in it, which were out for 14,000 years, about five times. 

Although he was not a doctor, however, Edgar provided accurate medical diagnoses, treatment, and medication answers. 

Therefore, it is believed that he was related to his previous life as a doctor.

The central theme of his explanation is the combination of the food the customer eats and the correct understanding of their situation.

Over the years, several of his relatives began to ask Edgar about the spiritual concepts often used in explanations.

Edgar Cayce’s principles on origin of life 

Edgar Cayce became a Christian when he grew up. After that, to his surprise, he finally succumbed to an explanation of the origin of life.

For instance, the meaning of God and his creation on earth. As he gradually began to live, Edgar made an explanation that dates back to the depths of life on earth.

Although, some beautiful work of Edgar Cayce explains the principles that bring happiness. 

“Thinking is the builder. No matter what you think, you will become” – Edgar Cayce

  • With your strong thinking ability, you can shape your future, the state of the world, and the status quo.
  • The spirit is life, the mind is the builder, and the body is the result.
  • Thoughts are as real as a needle stuck in a finger.
  • These thoughts keep us here all the time.
  • What we think of is what we become.
  • You are a spiritual person, and your thoughts determine your destiny.

Conclusion of Edgar’s Teachings

It is good advice on how to deal with the reality of this world. My dear, I say goodbye to you and Edgar Cayce today. For the first time, you also have received some practical tips to help yourself and those in need.

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