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Soul Records can help you identify core beliefs and limitations that cause problems in life. Maybe you have been carrying these blocks from a past life. … You can also clear any past life trauma. You also get to know your divine gifts and what are your innate soul qualities.

Yes our soul records also called as Akashic records are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a meta-physical plane of existence. As your reading is given to you, there will be traces of evidence throughout your current life which will link your connections.

Debjani Ghosh who is trained and certified in soul reading, does the reading for you. The process is systematic and not depending on meditations or vague visions, but a step by step systematic protocol followed to ensure that your issues are resolved and presented to you with solutions.

Not necessarily, but during the course of reading there are chances previous incarnations or parallel lifetimes will show up where wrong choices have been made may show up which is essential to resolve current life issues.

No one cannot and need not see all past lifes as your Akashic records choose which life to show and which specific incident happened where you made a wrong choice and are still facing the consequences. The purpose is to resolve current problems and not get into the drama of past life or parallel lifes.

Life wont change, it will TRANSFORM, changes will take place when you consciously begin to take actions. Transformation within the soul and mind will happen instantly as awareness will set in. But action has to be taken by you, new action will bring new results.

Find package is an initial reading done for your Soul based on your intention. The Resolve package is done based on a write up about your life situation and relationships. its an extremely detailed reading with clearances that shift your dynamic within life.

Every thing you ever wanted to know about your “SOUL” but couldnt google it.

The process of reading can take upto 3 days, and it is presented to you within an hour with your souls qualities, your divine gifts, your blocks & restrictions and an action plan to move ahead in life , not just this life but lifetimes to come. You are given a detailed case study with a recording or transcript alongwith a mobile app to ensure you follow the changes.

So basically you would want a reading because things are not right. And your reading will show accurately where and why you are not on the right path. Once you are aware, its upto you to accept and choose your new actions. Without new actions changes are not going to magically appear.

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