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(1) Soul Quest “FREE” App

  • Free App with Switchwords, Numbers and Affirmations for day to day issues and more.

This app is a free platform to help and guide people to “fix things” within their lives.Words & Divine Numbers have the power to change ones ENERGY. They can quickly SWITCH your energy from one dimension to the other dimension.

This app is created as a gratitude to all the teachers teaching SWITCHWORDS & DIVINE NUMBERS for quick healing.

  • Belief and intent are important in Switchwords.
  • When we repeat/chant/write the words and numbers, they simply tune our minds into positive thinking and creating favourable circumstances.

Eventually, please know that when this becomes a way of life rather than a “quick fix” for things, you will accept that all happens is for everyone’s highest good and all that doesn’t is always for the best!



(2) Enneagram – The Closest Personality Based Soul Evaluation :-

(1)   Our personality is the outermost layer of our soul. Get to know what are your strengths and weaknesses in a quick and simple online self-evaluation

Self-awareness is an important step to any form of success. If you don’t recognize and understand your weak areas and unhelpful habits, you’re less likely to advance beyond them.

And this can limit what you accomplish within your personal & professional space.

A private online self-analysis can take you a long way in your Quest of Self Realization.



(3) Signature Analysis

You might think of it as little more than a line of ink, but a signature can actually reveal a whole lot about the person writing it.

Think, for a second, about what a signature really is—a statement, repeated and refined over decades, that serves as a one-of-a-kind representation of YOU.

It binds you to legal documents. It authorizes your purchases. In other words, it’s yours—and that’s why signature analysis is so revealing.

A very reliable behavioral cue is getting a quick analysis of your signature which connects us to your inner soul restrictions.

Send in your Signature and get it analyzed and corrected to bring in shifts within your life.

How do you Send your signature :-

1) Take a blue point ball pen ( not gel , not ink)
2) Sign your signature 5 times on a blank white page
3) Email it to us at ”” , await your free analysis reading within 2 working days.

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