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Welcome to SoulQuest, your journey within and beyond to heal all your life issues.

Are you feeling Stuck in life ? Due to your health, finances, other people ,maybe your spouse , your children or even your employees. Then you have clicked on the right button.
One short session with your own SOUL can help you clear all these blocks which HINDER you right now.
Because your SOUL is the most kick-ass powerful tool within your reach!


During your session, I access information about your Soul from your Akashic Records. Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database that contains the entire history about your Soul, right from its origination.

I have a set protocol of accessing Soul Records and we can actually look at how your Soul was made – what energetic qualities it contains, how it is put together, and how it experiences itself best while incarnated.

Most importantly, we’ll talk about how all this soul information translates itself into a practical, grounded action plan for creating more of what you want!

Once you order your session, you’ll receive an email from me asking you for the information I need to prepare for your reading. I’ll also ask for some scheduling information. Generally, we schedule your session about a week or two out from the time of your order.

What You are Expected to do?

All data that comes out during our joint session is driven by your intention for what you want to create in your life. So criteria 1 – Have a clear mind about what you want

Dont think now how this reading will get you to what you want , the session shall reveal that on its own accord.
But I will ask you about what you’re committed to creating within the next six months.

Keep in mind, intentions are not wishes, nor are they your desires.

SoulQuest is not into MagicaI Healing , it is using the Logical framework of the times we live in and taking adequate support and guidance from your Records to give you the “bang-on” solutions.

What I can Guarantee to you?

Your information will be very confidential and your privacy is taken very seriously. 

Because the accuracy of the readings are so profound and life transformatory if you do not manifest more of what you want within 90 days, I’ll refund you.

HOWEVER, there is a condition to the refund – You will have to strictly adhere to work and implement the changes asked of you from Day 1. If you don’t implement you don’t get a refund.


Once you book your session, you’ll receive an email from me requesting the information I need to prepare for our session together.  Please be assured that all business information will be kept strictly confidential.
Our session will be recorded for you and you will receive a downloadable MP3 file so that you have a record of the information.

About Debjani Ghosh

Debjani Ghosh – Akashik record reader and Soul  Mentor. I define myself as an Emotion Artist – Artist of emotions and energy.

After going through a lot of channels of learning, self-exploration, and self-destruction, in 2018 I began a project close to my heart & named it as “Soul Quest”. This is where I started to get closer to my inner world and to discover the spirit.

Under the  guidance of spiritual masters I discovered the world of soul energy which opened the doors for me to a magical world, of healing and awareness. My sole purpose is to help and assist people to get back on track within their life and give a sincere push to change not only their life now but in all lifetimes.

I accompany my client (as well as myself) within their unconscious, guiding them to listen to their emotions and thus helping to free blocks due to past trauma.

Each soul that I read brings me closer to feeling completeness towards my own soul purpose, and tremendous happiness to see the joy in the changed lives of my clients, their family life, their businesses & their relationships.


It’s life transforming for countless people.


Soul Status Reading

INR 8888/-

A detailed reading will be done for your awareness about:-

Where your Soul is now
What your Original Soul Looks like
What changes / shifts need to be done

Report will be emailed within 1 week

Not eligible for refunds

Soul Quest “Find” Package

INR 21000/-

A detailed reading with a 121 call with recording

Session includes clearance of blocks & restrictions

Detailed guidance of implementing changes that will impact your life as soon as you intend and implement change.

Eligible for refunds if you apply the suggestions given on

Yes, I’d like to book for a personalized paid reading

(Payment link will be sent after this form is received.)

Call Us or, Send WhatsApp Message to (+91) 9892-47-58-52 and every question will be answered. Or,

Email us at soulquestbydg@gmail.com

GOD bless you!

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