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“I don’t teach people anything. I just show them gifts, paths, and uniqueness they are born with. ”

Debjani Ghosh, Founder, Soul Quest

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If your life looks like a never ending struggle, all doors closed, you v/s world, and no help in sight kind of saga, then the problem is within. Discover your Soul’s Intrinsic value system, and align with it, with India’s renown Akashic Records Expert & Mentor Debjani Ghosh.

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You know why you are suffering constantly?

Suffering starts when you don’t like doing what you don’t feel like doing. Now imagine size of the suffering when you are living a life you don’t want to live? Or in other words you are not designed internally to live that life? Everyone one of us has 2 types of DNA’s. Biological DNA, and Psychological DNA. There is one more thing called Metaphysical DNA, which no one talks about.

This is the 5th dimension of being, and called Akashic Records; the dimension where your metaphysical structure was designed, and which silently dictate all your life. You can choose to live blind ignoring it, or wake up, take the first step.

And when people make fun of you, it adds to sufferings!

It’s not that they are bad people. They are just emotionally & psychologically blind. You won’t find people talking about Akashic Records, because they don’t know if it exists. But Hindu Ancient Literature tells us that this was the origin of our universe. The energy & matter.

And suffering won’t end until …

So if you choose to live blindly like them, you will continue suffering as result of social comparisons, familiar sabotaging, relationship abuses, and mental unclarity. The constant state of unrest. You cannot repair it. It is just not in your hand. You cannot change people and their behavior towards you.

So stop counting them.

And start finding your intrinsic self. Get aligned and get some handholding because you know you can’t get out of it yourself. It’s just too heavy.

So, What happens at Soul Quest? What we really do?

In her own words Debjani Ghosh says, “I don’t teach people anything. I just show them gifts, paths, and uniqueness they are born with.”

At Soul Quest we help you identify who you are at your Soul’s Dimension? Why were you born? Your intrinsic characteristics that you are unaware of, and what good’s & bad’s you have brought in from previous existences, previous life(ves) & experiences. Your core reason for all your sufferings and lack and despair.

At times, what you cannot see with open eyes, you can see with closed ones.

Debjani Ghosh

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It’s life transforming for countless people.

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She believes She was born to become the source of energy to people, and to help them break boundaries, mental barriers, and social sabotaging, and win. Win over self, and over mediocre life.

It’s good that you have questions in mind; it shows that you aren’t dumb or dead.

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