how to attract women

Who is a Woman? 

A wife or a female partner is a woman. We expect them to be the caretaker and primary teachers of our children. They like to take the lead of their families to make adjustments regarding new challenges and realities. Women are a caring, sensitive, and maternal person.

Tips to attract Woman

  • Body language – when you are with your lady, maintain an appropriate distance.
  • Eye-contact – You have to focus your attention on the girl’s eyes. Hold deep eye contact with her, if you get the correct eye contact, which is a good sign that you attract the Woman instantly.
  • Be a gentleman — treat her like a princess, not a queen.
  • Think creative — you don’t want to show your bank balance, think out of the box.
  • Attentive and protective — pay attention to whatever she tells you and be protective of her feelings.

Precautions while attracting her

  • Correct use of body language plays a crucial role in starting a conversation with the Woman.
  • Try to come up with funny jokes and pick up lines.
  • To meet her, memorize her routine, and never reject her meetings.
  • It is appealing when you have a sense of the way to treat others. In a woman’s mind, this shows a reflection of your character and respect for her.
  • A woman wants conversations with a man that she can exchange with and learn from him. She wants a man who share advice, some personal things.
  • Try not to give any forceful smile while talking to her.
  • Don’t try to be cocky in front of her.


These tips might help you get her, but to make her stay by your side, be genuine and open about yourself. Do not try to be something you’re not just to impress her in the short run. In the end, understanding and caring about each other’s feelings matters the most.

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