How to get confidence


Confidence is what people consider the invisible-backbone of our life. It gives a healthy meaning to our lives. It is the push to lift us from our comfort zone and see the world from new perspectives. It shows us different dimensions of life-outcomes. With the required confidence, people can do wonders in their life. The pair, knowledge, and confidence when together see no failure. Everything in this world has its limits. Remember that too much of anything can bring harm. Over-confidence is the antonym of its advantages. Too much confidence confuses the mind and deteriorates the outcome. With the right dash of confidence in your life, you get to savour your life to its fullest.


We often see people having everything they desire; only due to the lack of confidence they cannot acquire it. All of us have confidence within ourselves, sometimes goes away due it various circumstances in our life.

  • One of the factors that deteriorate our confidence level is competition. Be it in educational institutions or the workplace, the constant trying to take a position on the top and later not getting it brings our confidence to a low. It is intangible, but the psychological effect it has on our body is tangible. Starting with appearance to the behaviour; everything gets affected due to lack of confidence.
  • You cannot miss out on the pressure of work and duties. With the high cost of living, we often come under pressure to make ourselves available for others and fulfill every demand. We try so hard to satisfy the dreams and keeping our loved ones happy. However, if we fail at some point, our confidence drops too low at an instant.


Lacking confidence does no good. It keeps us charged up and compels us to try and try again. We should try not to lack our confidence under any circumstances. With the help of Akashic Records, you can keep your world shining. Akashic records can help you build up your confidence.




Akashic Records contains all the answers to your questions. They are the records of what will happen, is happening, or happened. Akashic Records are beyond time. It has its Recordkeepers, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, who carry our questions to the records and provide us with our answers.

Are you willing to experience the divineness of the Akashic Records? Then visit someone experienced in the field, For Instance, Debjani Ghosh, founder of Soul Quest. To get the perfect answer for your lacking confidence, you need to have the ‘deep-desire’ and ‘enthusiasm’ towards it. Through Akashic Records, you can get the answers you seek and also get the clarifications regarding it. You can also access the Akashic Records on your own with proper guidance. Mentors like Debjani Ghosh not only help you get your answers but also guide you in reading the records on your own to a happier and confident life.  

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