How To Take Control Over Your Thoughts Easily

To take control of your actions, you need to control your thoughts first.

We rely on our thoughts to make some good decisions.

But our thoughts are our first enemy.

Our thoughts can change our lives.


Do you believe that?


If so, good for you. If not, read our article to know how your thoughts will change your lives.

If you know your thoughts but don’t know how to control them.

Come, let me take you with me on this journey.


Why do you need to control your thoughts?

There are many reasons why one should control one’s thoughts. Some of them are

  1. To make good decisions
  2. To understand the emotions
  3. To overcome your negative thoughts
  4. To learn new things and be productive.
  5. To stay focused and live life to the fullest.


After all, we are all humans. We are born to enjoy our lives. Why stay depressed and worried when we can enjoy and explore our lives?


Five ways to control your thoughts easily:


Take Control Over Your Thoughts Tips #1 – Take a deep breath

Sometimes, we can’t stop thinking about unwanted things. It’s not in our hands to control our thoughts, and with our thoughts, we feel sorry for ourselves. At those times, we should take control of our thoughts with a deep breath. Relax for 30 seconds, take a deep breath 7-11 times, and don’t think of anything else. 


Deep breaths help to divert your mind from uncontrollable thoughts for a moment, allowing you to re-think with a clearer mind. The entire procedure will assist you in blocking out unwanted thoughts and allowing only what you “should” think.


Take Control Over Your Thoughts Tips #2 – Pause a moment

Our minds are constantly swarming with thoughts. Not all thoughts are welcome; if encouraged, they may lead to undesirable behavior. Thus, pause before encouraging any thought to grow further. It’s especially important when you’re overly excited or tense about something. 


Consider whether it is appropriate to direct your thoughts in that particular direction. Your subconscious is aware of everything and will always give you the correct answer.


We can collect ourselves and our feelings when we pause, giving us a clearer picture of the situation. As a result, practice pausing before allowing your thoughts to run wild. It will allow you to stop unwanted thoughts and think constructively.


Take Control Over Your Thoughts Tips #3 – Triggering topics

Sometimes we can’t help but think negative thoughts that keep us from thinking constructively. These could result from specific triggers that, knowingly or unknowingly, encourage difficult thoughts in you. It could be seeing someone who has been particularly cruel to you.


 It could also be a specific location or situation that instills fear, anxiety, insecurity, or overpowering vengeance in you. Your job is to find those triggers and respond appropriately. 


Consider whether you can do anything about it when you’ve found them. If so, go for it. If you can’t avoid them, try to stay away from them.

Take Control Over Your Thoughts Tips #4 – Meditation

As practiced by saints and holy men, meditation is the oldest tool for gaining control of your thoughts. A disturbed, tense mind produces disrupted and negative thoughts. To be a master of your thoughts, you must first master your mind. This is where mindfulness comes into play.


The age-old practice relaxes the brain, allowing you to achieve mental clarity. A stress-free mind motivates positive thinking while discouraging unwanted and negative thinking. 


Every day, a 5-10 minute session would suffice. There are various meditation apps available today, as well as meditation tutorials online.


Take Control Over Your Thoughts Tips #5 – Contemplating your past.

Nothing you can gain by dwelling on past events over which you have no control. The more you enable yourself to ruminate on uncontrollable thoughts, the less control you have over your thoughts. You must accept that there are some things over which you have no control. 


You must accept this fundamental realization and move ahead with a positive attitude. You cannot direct your thoughts in the right direction unless you allow yourself to rise from the ashes.



I Would like to conclude that preventing yourself from your thoughts is a must. Safeguarding your mental health should be your priority. If you feel you are missing something, practice all five steps to control your thoughts, even after practicing all the essential steps. You can get my free consultation call by visiting the website.

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