Individual Quest

These sessions are carefully planned out for your PERSONAL GROWTH Journey. There are ” hop on hop off” sessions as well as a more committed plan as per your current requirement. The purpose of each session is for you to get closer to your Intentions. And we do that with clearances of blocks and restrictions, awareness of patterns and misalignment and planned action to maintain our shift and evolve.

Based on the transition that you seek you can opt for either of our ‘Quest’ personal growth packages:

First Quest

These are 6 x 1hr coaching sessions working with pschyo-somatics i.e, working on your mind and the body. These are conscious and more conversational sessions which work for day to day realizations and clarity. Highly recommended for those who are not sure of what to expect but still feel the urge to Evolve and change something within your life.

Duration – 60 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 6
Time Frame – Delivered within a time frame of 2 -3 months or at your own pace.

Short Quest

Buy 3 akashic mentoring sessions.

Get to know Who you are at Soul Level, What are your Divine Powers and what is your BLUEPRINT. A step by step understanding about the karmic blocks and restrictions affecting your life to achieve your intention at this time. Detailed clearance of each negative karmic pattern at the record level as well as planned action of change in behaviour and thereby your life. These are in depth readings about the souls blueprint with energetic support. With each session you get more clarity of what all you can achieve and where you were getting stuck and clear them.

Duration – 90 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 3
Time Frame – Delivered within a week of booking confirmation

Quest for A “GOAL”

Buy 12 coaching sessions to be used within a 12-week period . A Goal Oriented package , with each session removing the obstacles on the way and inculcating new behavioural patterns which are favourable to achieve and sustain your goals fast.
Alongwith these sessions you also have email access with me where we can have tackle day to day issues.

Duration – 90 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 12
Time Frame – 12 Weeks

Quest for “ABUNDANCE”

When you opt for this package, you mean business! This package provides you with 25 Power packed sessions of healing in totality with a validity of 1 year. These sessions include alignment of your own Soul, properties, children, spouse, projects as well as businesses. Can also be used for Just You

Duration – 60 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 25 
Time Frame – 1 Yea

Whichever package you go for, or even if you’re not sure which one would suit you best,
Book a 30-minute clarity call with me
to discuss your needs and options and we’ll find the best one for you.
Feel free to mail me @ debjani@soul-quest.

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