Personality development, building-self confidence, and proper career or life guidance helps you understand your life or career path in a clear way. As a career coach, and personal mentor my sole aim is to identify your barriers and help you overcome them with confidence.

My Akashic records reading and soul reading services are for people who really want to transform their life and know more about their life’s purpose so that they can decide to align correctly with it. The right alignment is necessary for anyone to achieve success and fulfill their goals.

Our personal growth packages are for everyone and for any budget.


A glimpse of the soul reading session where we find out what is holding you back along with the unwanted situation/problem. Subjected guidance is given as to what can be done to overcome such issues in life.

PACKAGE COST: 999 INR (20USD approx via PayPal)


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The reading for this package lasts around 1 hour and you directly connect with me through a call to discuss and understand the root cause of your problems.

This gives insight about why you are stuck in a repetitive pattern of present problems in life.

It can help dive into the core reason and sometimes clients find answers through their first short session. However it is highly advised to take a deep soul reading and focus on the inner peace, answers and confidence to experience a long lasting shift in your life.

PACKAGE COST: 5400 INR (85USD approx via Paypal)

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Discover Your Soul’s Essence with Soul Quest 



Your soul’s essence is a profound aspect of your being, and it’s deeply intertwined with the Akashic Records—the repository of your soul’s journey through time. Welcome to Soul Realignment!

Embark on a transformative two-part online journey where you’ll uncover the magnificent tapestry of your soul’s powers and personality, which were bestowed upon you at the dawn of creation.

Part 1: This phase requires you to engage in an online set of questions. To gain meaningful insights, it’s essential to answer these questions truthfully, providing an honest reflection of how you are currently showing up in the world.
Part 2: Following your participation in the assessment, you will receive a special written report that unveils who you are at the Soul Level. This report will illuminate how you were created to live your true potential, guiding you on a path towards self-discovery and personal growth.


Our meticulously crafted assessment follows a scientifically sound approach, delving into the core elements that define your unique character.

This self-discovery process serves as a powerful foundation for your personal growth and soul transformation.

Upon completion, your test results will be delivered directly to your email inbox, guiding you on your path to understanding and embracing your soul’s true essence. Embark on your Soul Quest today to unlock the wisdom of the Akashic Records and experience the profound transformation of Soul Realignment.



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OVERCOME BARRIERS & NEGATIVE ENERGIES, and more with Soul Quest Basic package.

Session 1: In this first session, we will try to recognize and find who you are at soul level. A very meaningful and vital phase that leads to connection with inner divinity. Align with your unique core to find many answers and hidden abilities.


Session 2: This phase will put emphasis on finding the barriers and blocks that have been created with time. The restrictions could be traced back to past life or lives and it also can carry negative karmic energy/actions from your present life.


Session 3: This session/phase is dedicated to get rid of the blocks in your Soul – Mind – Body level. You will not need to recreate the same barriers in any way with a proper action plan put in place along with our understanding.


Session additionals / optionals:

  1. A one time  2 hour session that will help you get comfortable and find reasoning the right way.

  2. Get 3 days sessions of 90 minutes each along with handholding.


Spiritual Guidance, Career Guidance, Relationship Mentoring, Soul Revelations, Akashic Records Reading & More with Soul Quest Custom Package.

This package offers a deep transition and transformation. The investment will depend on the depth of analysis and readings that varies from case to case.


This package will also include package 3 session and a few additional sessions of:

  • Aligning to one’s own manifesting blueprint: This session will help and guide you to recognize and find your unique coding to truly manifest what you want or need in life.

  • Realigning relationships and understanding incarnations: This will clear your vision and give a sense of understanding as to why a certain loved one or person/personality has incarnated with you repeatedly. You can learn from the other souls such as sibling, partner, parent or any loved one.

  • Balancing energies between body,mind and soul: As a human, we have three levels that are body,mind and soul which needs to be cleared of negative karmic energy one by one. So we can assist you with our sessions that should be continued till the balance is formed and aligned for real shifts in your life.

  • Future prediction based on Akashic records: The upper sessions will help in aligning the soul and after that I guide you towards a better future to move forward. We focus on topics such as Prosperity Karna and Relationship building/forming.

  • Balance and align Yin-Yang energies: This is an important phase where we understand and dwell into your Karmic patterns to understand the current incarnation along with previous ones to find inner peace and clarity.

  • Spirit guide work: A soul can evolve and bloom exceptionally when they are connected with the spirit and animal guides that help you move forward towards the positive path.

  • Life lessons: This session gives you time to understand and discover your current incarnation life lessons and set future goals.

  • Property Akashic records alignment: With soul and energy clearance, property is also freed from blocks. A karmic block can affect a destination or land so we focus there to break those karmic blocks and use the property future as you wanted.

Since it is a package that covers a lot of aspects of life, it is better that we confirm your needs over an appointment.