Based on the transition that you seek you can opt for either of our ‘Quest’ personal growth packages:

transformation mentor
Quest To Transform

These 7 sessions will be split across approx 30-45 days, all sessions will be held online via zoom meet. 

Session 1 – We will discover who you are at Soul Level. This is a very crucial session because you get to know how you have been uniquely created and you will get a chance to align to your Divinity. 
This is our first call of Duration 75 minutes and you get a copy of this call for unlimited use in the future.

Session 2 – We will now understand how you created the blocks and restrictions within your life. These blocks could be from a past life or lives and certain negative karmic action in this life as well. 
Session Duration – 75 min call via zoom
Additionally – Recording will be provided of the call for future reference. 
Session 3 – We will dedicate this session to the Clearance of all the Soul- Mind & Body level blocks. We will also have an action plan of how you need to show up and not recreate the same blocks.

Sessions 4 – Additional Energetic Clearance + De coding Present Life karmic Patterns & Blocks 
Session 5 – Additional Energetic Clearance + Formulas for handling your life moving forward 

Session 6 – Additional Energetic Clearance + Subconscious placement of your unique formula for success & abundance wrt your current issues 
Session 7 – A Special Session to create your Future and Q & A with your Akashic records 
A Bonus Akashic Session for your Property Reading so that your surroundings are in the frequency of your current self. 

These sessions are exclusively designed for your unique Soul plan and path, so it’s not one plan for all.

Session Duration – 1 hr each session spread out 1 per week. 
The program costs INR equivalent of Rs.45,000/- for all sessions.  

All sessions are with me on a 121 basis and highly confidential.

The program covers all your readings and support required for clearing your present blocks and restrictions and much much more.

Each Session is Unique and exclusively designed to suit your Soul Progression.


Subject to your Soul Giving Access for a Reading

Although we recommend a holistic change via this session, there are seekers who want a shorter session, we do provide options for the same, once you fill out the registration form and get on a call with Debjani , we will guide you about the options available.

transformation mentor

Q & A Quest

 Q & A for Your Karmic Blocks  

One 75 Minute Session of asking upto 5 questions you want to know the answers for right now.

These answers will also depict about the karmic blocks that are holding you back and stopping you mentally & emotionally from evolving out of the current Life Situation. By the end of the Session you will have constructive actions to take and remedies which will help you scale to your next optimum level.

– 75 min

Mode – Online

Program Pricing – INR Equivalent upto Rs.7,500/- 

transformation mentor
Quest for A “GOAL”

Goal Quest – Is a One Year Mentorship Program 

Working dedicatedly towards a Professional/ Work/ Business/ Relationship Goal with 1 call/ Month touching all the parameters of the Akashic Dimensions. 

These Sessions are for Aligned Souls only ( you should have already taken Quest for Transformation , cited above) , and we  go deeper each month ALIGNING with your Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Your River of Life, your Manifesting Blueprint, Your Chakras & Yin – Yang Energies, Your Parallel Realities and Relationships.

This Program is curated for the Seeker who wants to EVOLVE and vibrate at a Higher Frequency. (Not for the faint hearted)

Call Duration – 75 min

Package Validity – 13 Months

Mode – Online

Program Pricing – INR Equivalent upto Rs.90,000/- 

transformation mentor
Quest for “Happiness”

When you opt for this package, you mean business! This package provides you with 25 Power packed sessions of healing in totality with a validity of 1 year.

These sessions include deeper readings about your Soul, your relationships, your projects and business, your contrasting Blueprint , your emotional blocks to receiving Vital force energy.

Duration – 60-75 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 25 

Whichever package you go for, or even if you’re not sure which one would suit you best,
Book a 30-minute clarity call with me @ 
to discuss your needs and options and we’ll find the best one for you.
Feel free to mail me @ debjani@soul-quest.