Welcome to MASTERCLASS by Debjani Ghosh

My name is Debjani Ghosh and I am a personal  growth coach, Business growth coach and personality development mentor. My Akashic readings and soul transformation sessions will help you overcome and find solutions to problems and obstacles in your life. Be it your career problems, relationship problems or business problems, I am here to guide you towards a journey of self-healing, building self-esteem and  life transformation.

What are Masterclass sessions designed for?

The main motto behind this site, is helping individuals empower themselves by enriching their lives with positive affirmations and develop self-confidence.


 With years of experience in Akashic reading and soul reading, I can connect with you on a deeper level to find your inner strengths and live a life full of happiness and abundance.


My sessions are designed to reach deep inside and inspect every detail that will benefit you and give you clarity and perspective as you access the answers to the questions and create a better life for yourself.


If an individual is not satisfied with their life’s situations, and needs to feel content in their own selves, it’s high time to start reaching your own self-divinity. A Life coach can show you the way to develop self-love and a glowing personality.


Working with a life and personal growth coach can help you bring more clarity in life when you feel lost and hopeless. It’s all how we perceive our experiences and move forward to overcome each scenario.


I will learn about you and pinpoint the cause of resistance to change and transform. We find a meaningful foundation and push towards the journey you have always wanted. These sessions can stimulate a strong ground for approval and acceptance.


Personality Development

Career Coaching & Guidance

Relashionship Coaching & Guidance

Soul Reading

Akashic Readings

Self Confidence Building

Self Transformation



Business problem evaluation

Business guidance with Akashic readings

Team motivation buildup

Thorough business Evaluation & Analysis

Overcoming business blockages

Business growth coaching

Wealth accumulation through Akashic readings