Linda Howe, An Inspiring Akashic Records Reader

Who is Linda Howe?

Ms. Linda Howe is one of the top spiritual teachers in the field of Akashic records. She had good living conditions. However, she started her inner spirituality at a young age. She accepted the guidance in 1994. And began to explore the Akashic records, with her experience of more than 20 years. Above all, she became the world’s first Akashic Record mentor. She got famous among all those who are exploring the spiritual path.

In addition to that, she teaches organized and the workable tricks. This leads willing people to explore the Akashic records with full consciousness. They also get relevant information and experiences. After training, you can also become an Akashic record reader. Moreover, use the Akashic Records to help and heal the people.

Linda Howe Books on Akashic Records

Linda has published the three profound award-winning books. Below is a list of those:

  •  “How to Read the Akashic Records”,
  •  “Heal Yourself and Others Through the Akashic Records” and
  •  “Discover Your Soul in the Akashic Records”, form the trilogy of the Linda’s Akashic Records.

The famous scientist Owen Laszlo, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize twice, once commented on the Linda’s first book. He said, “This book gives me a beautiful feeling. It is not only complete but also clear, and practical.

The life information data that can guide people into the world is the Akashic Record. Nowadays, the scientists are also making new studies and discoveries of the Akashic Record. We call it the Akashic Field. Which maintains the whole world as, “The information hub that exists and functions.”

The Achievements

A lot of well-known spiritual teachers have suggested the Linda’s studies. They also praised her donation to the field of Akashic records. She won the highest academic award in 2015. It was honored by the Emerson Institute of Spirituality. In June 2016, Linda’s third book about the Akashic Records won the “2016 Best Contemporary Spirituality Book”. This was honored by the CVR in the US.

Apart from this, it has won the titles of “the most popular spiritual book by the readers” and “the most popular spiritual book by the bookstores”. CVR is the largest NPO in the spiritual field in the US.

The aim is to promote the broadcasting, distribution, and popularization. It could be the books, the music, or any details. However, it should be about the body, mind, and the soul.

Linda Howe doesn’t offer her services in India.

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