Lisa Barnett on Soul Healing with Akashic Records

Who is Lisa Barnett?

Lisa Barnett lives in the San Francisco Bay along with her husband and three teenagers.

She founded the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom to show the six new Akashic Access Prayers to humanity.

She is renowned internationally for her bestselling novel, “The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records”. And also for “From Questioning to Knowing – 73 Prayers to remodel Your Life”.

Lisa and, Soul Healing Via Akashic Records

As a globally regarded Akashic Records Transformational Teacher, Lisa Barnett has more than 25 years of involvement with spiritual healing.

And she let people search out more notable satisfaction, bliss, wealth, health, and ease.

Mostly by assisting individuals with lining up with their spiritual way. After that, she helps individuals with understanding their spirit agreements.

As well as guides them on how they can finish their Karma and promises.

She teaches her dynamic as well as powerful shortcuts for accessing the Akashic Records.

Lisa Barnett has devoted her life as an Akashic channel to help people in connecting with their religion.

And also to receive soul guidance as they are healing and remodeling their lives.

Above all, she spent ten years as a spiritual Science Certified Practitioner, R.S.C.P. Where she offered to heal prayer treatment to the congregations and served as vice president on the board of directors.

Transform Your Life with Soul Guidance of Lisa

Your soul is ancient and wise, and all that information is stored in your personal Akashic Library. It is just waiting to be retrieved.

You will learn about your soul plan, the soul contracts you write with people, and the Karma. This information can change your life.

Have direct access to all the archives of your soul

The limitless insight of the Akashic Records is an unmatched work. Hence, it offers you suitable instruments to get the wisdom that your soul holds.

The author, with exquisite spiritual care, ensures that her readers find meaning in the journey of their lives.

It can be through the use of ancient Akashic wisdom.

The akashic records will feed your body, mind, and spirit with unconditional love through some simple tools.

Like the vibrational key to access your akashic records. Or the questions that you can ask when you enter the Akasha regions.

And the most appropriate to get the information or the healing you want. The healing techniques that will make your life easier.

Lisa Barnett helps you to learn to access the wisdom of your soul. Above all, to solve your problems or your emotional wounds from the depths of your being.

Lisa doesn’t offer her services in India.

Talk to Soul Quest for Free Akashic Records Reading & Personalize Guidance, in India.

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