Manifest like Buddha. Simple, but not easy.

how manifestation work with akashic records reading

Taking action is vital in our 3rd dimensional existence. The fact that our soul chose to incarnate on Earth, is basically to get in touch and understand the intricate and dense nature of this so unique “Physical Body”. I’ve heard that no other planet has this uniqueness other than Earth, where we all are meant to look different , and we chose to experience this so we are here today.

Why I Can’t Manifest?

The choice of living through this physical body is in itself the biggest limitation for many people, we begin our childhood so disoriented and unaware of the bodies we are in. Look at any new born child of 5 to 6 months, he look at his hands and reflect in amaze. We did so too.

Incarnating on Earth was to experience the density of the 3rd dimension, the thickest layer of our physical existence. And that is the game where 90% of us get stuck and are unable to manifest and face difficulty having fulfilling lives. So many clients come to me having achieved huge success through meditations and affirmations and visualizations, however their physical reality is still stuck in a 5X2 space.

Why do we get stuck in manifesting anything, its basically because we are doing everything at the mind level but absolutely nothing at the physical level. We have the energy work and clearance being done in the mind and we experience a huge “Aahaa… ” moment but its temporary. The real and genuine shifts only happen when you begin to take “Constructive Actions”.

How To Manifest Instantly Like Buddha?

Constructive Actions; are new choices you begin to make to break old patterns of behavior. No amount of visualization and mind work and knowledge can get you to achieve physical success without you actually
“Doing”. DO, DO, DO new actions , implement new steps, experiment physical existence.

Once you begin to take action, you start understanding your body work and you begin to work on your cellular memories and then you can shift your reality. I’m sure very few are going to get this concept but the ones who get it , will achieve 100% turnaround in your efforts and results.

Thoughtless Action based on old negative patterns will bring the same old results. Eg:- If eating chocolates reminds you to your mothers love towards you, and you have several siblings with whom you had to share your chocolate, can you imagine the pattern working till you are way too old to shift. Your body is accustomed to you eating chocolates when sad, depressed or lonely as that’s your only cellular memory of your mothers love.

However once you get aware of this virus in your thought process, what do you do? You shift gears , you be aware of your thought and work on your physical need for a chocolate whenever rejected. And these are the new actions that will constructively make you shift to your new reality.

It like a “de-addiction” process, it’s slow but it shifts with persistence, and there are no excuses or pills to sort this out. The effort of getting out of your pitiful state is yours alone. You got to work at it if you want to have tremendous change in your scope of living.

Revisit any success story of any person and you will find a Physical shift lead to new Results. A Gandhi or A Buddha are subtle yet extreme examples of transformation a simple human being can make at the physical level, achieve a balance and then supercede their own abilities and bring out the superhuman from within.

Its not a very long journey to success actually, if you get this formula of taking new and constructive action. We struggle like a broken record on taking old actions in a new way pouring same old wine in new bottles. Result=Zero.

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