Maureen J. St. Germain, and Teachings of Mysticism

About Maureen J Germain

Maureen is a well-renowned teacher who has devoted herself to expand spiritual knowledge in the world.

With the experience of 25 years in mystical and sacred traditions, she is now a prolific teacher.

She keeps herself busy in researching and introducing new ways to connect people with their own wisdom.

According to Maureen, she is personally connected to Angels, Dragons, Divine Feminine, etc. 

Maureen, Spirituality, and Mysticism

Maureen’s primary focus is on tools and channels through which she can teach people to develop a self-connection. And to reach her aim, she has opted for a lot of options like her presence on social media.

It helps her to reach people who are willing to learn more about it. She has made her presence offline too, with her books.

One of her books is even awarded as the “Book of the Year”.

Her latest book “Waking up in the 5D” is all about how to make love a governing force.

Besides that, she has made herself available at various events, workshops, classes, and institutes.

“Flower of Life” Workshop by Maureen

Maureen once shared in an interview that her primary interest has always been Sacred Geometry and Mysticism. Therefore, she facilitates “Flower of Life” workshops since 1995.

She is privileged to share her knowledge of ancient truths all over the world.

She intends to become an inspiration who could serve a sense of passion and compassion to people.


By the end of the blog, we understood how much Akashic Records mean to Maureen and how she has dedicated her whole life to spreading that knowledge.

She is exploring all the channels through which she can reach more and more people. And make them understand the importance of Akashic Records and how it can change their whole life.

Maureen doesn’t offer her services in India.

Talk to Soul Quest for Free Akashic Records Reading & Personalize Guidance, in India.

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