“Mistakes” – The Word And Its Power In Our Life

Making Mistakes
Making Mistakes Is Fine


There are too many hurdles and challenges that one faces in their lifetime. And as humans, we are bound to make mistakes in our journey. However, the perception and way of dealing with our mistakes can either make or break our lives. One should not shy away from making mistakes, but he should also be willing to accept, acknowledge, and rectify them. If you stay rigid towards your mistakes, it can bring you down in life, and you cannot achieve a better place. Hence, let’s discuss the power of the word “Mistake” and not staying stuck in the loophole.

Making Mistakes

Before talking about its energy, you should know and realize that making mistakes is not a sin. But what gives “Mistake” so much power that it can affect our lives in both negative and positive ways? It is our reaction to it. Being willing to accept it and look forward to bettering yourself gives you a positive influence and outlook. It is a sign that you are headed right in your life. But defending your mistakes gives it the power to bring you down in life.

It is basic human nature to guard our decisions. Hence, the moment you realize you are fighting for the wrong side, you need to accept it. Acceptance is the best weapon to fight the power of mistakes. However, the opposite of acceptance means declining the fact that you could be wrong. In other words, in addition to making mistakes, you are forcing yourself to keep repeating them. Therefore, its power emerges, and it keeps you down in life. To get out of it, you need to move on from your wrongful decisions.

How To Move On From Mistakes

When we are making judgments or making choices, we tend to do it with full consciousness. So when we get the realization that our analysis and conclusions were wrong, we are in disbelief. It mostly happens with overthinkers who give quite a thought before every opinion. So no matter how hard it is, if you do not want to get stuck and move forward in life, do not fear mistakes. The best way to move on from it is first to understand how it all went wrong. When you catch the root of your mistakes, the rest of the process becomes smoother. Now, you have to work against those shortcomings and learn the correct approach. So whenever a similar situation arises in front of you, your foundation will be accurate, and you will know how to fight it.


From the above blog, we can grasp that making mistakes is not a crime. In fact, it ensures that we are humans and still learning new every day in our lives. But neglecting or covering it can give it immense power to destroy your humanity, progress, and personal growth. Never let a silly thing come your way to success. A small mistake might not remain small if your approach towards it is with a negative attitude.

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