About me

I am a Personal & Business Growth Coach & an Akashic Mentor

and I help individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs to discover their Hidden Secrets so that they can EMPOWER and Live a fulfilling LIFE without giving up their Individuality and without starting at Zero.

Self Empowerment Coach
  • From being absolved in corporate affairs to self-introspection, my journey has been filled with awareness, acceptance, and constructive action. The entire mission for the same was to realize who I am; which helped me to knock down my self-inflicted restrictions and blocks.

  • I believe that now, more than ever, it is vital for individuals to uphold core values, embrace uniqueness and stand in their integrity.

  • There really is nothing to look at than our “Own-Self” as our ROLEMODEL and Teacher. My work as your COACH begins with making your aware of your “HIDDEN” potentials ( even though you may have sabotaged yourself most of your life). But with our continuous association I give you the tools to manoeuvre from your comfort zone to a new playing field of limitless possibilities.

  • You can take the FIRST ESSENTIAL STEP to make a change in your life by booking a 30 minute call with me.

  • My ebook Karma to Kriya encapsulates the experience of giving over 300 Akashic readings to clients. This e-book provides a practical, step-by-step guide on your life journey, where you can avoid creating Karma by simply transforming it to Kriya.

  • With Akashic mentoring life overall gets easy, finances multiply, health gets better,
    relationships become a charm.
  • My personal journey is a proof of the fact that all of it WORKS. My journey began with issues with myself, my relationships, broken marriage , single motherhood, a façade of corporate success ( 24 years) ,Worked as an employee moved upto Director and began my own software business , failed miserably and went into a huge debt.

  • Each failure was a huge blow to me , my ego my self-esteem and made more “hard on myself”. Looking back I see how I had to go through each aspect to be what I am today which is a confident, happy, self-aware, balanced, fulfilled and blessed personality with a soul.

  • I have had help and I’m eternally grateful to my teachers who inspired me to do what I do today and mostly do it “DIFFERENTLY” as per my uniqueness.

  • I am committed to helping as many individuals as possible who may be feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, or simply stuck in life, create an exciting new chapter filled with purposeful work, meaningful relationships, and connections with a like-minded community.

  • If you feel discontent with your vision and mission, then you owe it to yourself to take action today.

  • A WARNING …. be really sure that you want to TRANSFORM to your DIVINE Self, as there
    would be no stopping to your EVOLUTION.

Karma to Kriya -A Book by Debjani Ghosh


With my ebook “Karma to Kriya”, I wish to guide others towards self-transformation in a way that helps you to unleash your true potential and enhance your positive side. With the guidance and knowledge of a multitude of self-transformation techniques, and my own experiences and journey I have put together the book “Karma to Kriya” that will help you understand your purpose in life and your true destination.

The book is designed to help you transform your tired state of mind, negative karmic energy, and your life’s path for the better and create a balance between your body and soul. To achieve the success that we deserve, we always need the nudge in the right direction at the proper moment.

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My Gratitude

Daughter & Parents

All my teachers , friends , clients, task masters and well-wishers

I found my education and professional experience insufficient to answer to the real pains of life.

So I began my souls search with hypnosis, then graphology then chakra with aura reading and finally Akashic reading and energy awareness and healings.

A special mention of my Inspiring teachers

Dr.Rahul Datta
Yuvraj Kapadia
Neeta (Atman)
Milind Rajore
Andrea Hess
Kat Miller
Master Choa Kok Sui

With their sound and specific advise I was not only able to transform my life but also help others to transform theirs.

I’m able to handhold the “willing” people towards their own uniqueness with detailed Akashic readings, sub-conscious work, graphological and chakra based corrections and energy realignment.

There is a lot of work for my clients to do, our sessions will not be easy. However once the work begins , and life begins to shift and you evolve, there’s only one way to go and that’s towards abundance and happiness in every aspect of your LIFE ( personal relationships, health as well as finances and wealth).

I welcome one and all to take a Quest into their mind & soul with me, I look forward to our alignment together.

My Certifications help me crystallize and focus on individual talents as well as business houses to guide them towards their FULLEST potential and PERSONAL Growth. Following are the degrees to my credit

  • MBA – IIM Calcutta
  • Certified Counsellor – Heart to Heart Counselling Centre
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – California Hypnosis Institute of India
  • Certified Behavioural Event Interview Panellist
  • Certified Competency Mapping Analyst
  • Aura & Chakra Reader with Redikal
  • Signature, Handwriting & Drawing Analyst
  • Certified Soul Realignment Practioner
  • Certified Energy Worker ( Lama Fera & Humkara with Hleem, Money Reiki)