Each time this year when Goddesses announce their presence , people rejoice their arrival and celebrate the end of something and beginning of something new. No one realizes that the attributes of the Goddess are actually within one and all. We only choose to celebrate and rejoice externally failing to look within.

At the physical plane, the body level, 3rd Dimension and the 4th Dimension there exists the understanding and belief system of fear, and presence of a Higher Power more superior to us.

At the 5th Dimension and higher levels are the Soul Level realities which know in actuality the non-existence of any higher power, more powerful than us. Yes! you are reading it correctly , there is one higher power for each us and its You for You and Me for Me.

This Higher Self has all the powers , understanding and knowledge of what is your true divinity as well as what are your blocks and restrictions. As individuals we all have the Free Will to make the choice of unblocking the code corruptions we have created for ourselves and begin living a smooth and life filled with abundance, fulfillment, happiness and joy.

Weren’t these the same things you would wish in front of the “Devi”? So when you have the power within, and when Akashic Records Readings can get you to those powers then why not make that Choice to EMPOWER yourself. Ignite your Powers and make the conviction to be Fearless and Protect yourself and your Universe.

A 90 minute akashic records reading aka soul reading will give a HUGE Awareness. Your Acceptance will push you into New Action, new actions would lead to new choices and new choices would bring new results.

Voila, your life becomes what you could never set yourself to do so far. But times have changed now so evolve with the times, give yourself the opportunity to touch your own Divinity.

You may want to check about the common mental & soul level blocks.

Ask for a FREE Trial Reading Today, WhatsApp your name to +91.9892475852 and type “Give me a soul read for now” check how a short soul read opens doors within to lifetimes of changes.

VENTURE to the Goddess within, why be religious and attuned only for 9 days a year when you can awaken and rise for the rest of your remaining life by each moment.

Welcome to the DIVINE in you! Welcome to your SOUL-QUEST.


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