Psychic Twin Flame

Top signs that you have met your Twin Flame

Numerous readers are sure to have heard about twin flames, but there are odds that one does not know about what exactly twin flames are? Twin flames have similarities with soul mates.

Twin flames are the inter-counterparts of the pair of soles. They arose from a single fragmented soul. It formed two individual souls. Each soul in twin flames is the counterpart of the other.

Therefore, there is a twin flame, somewhere in the world for every individual in the world. But since there is just a single twin flame everyone has in the world, the odds of finding the twin flame are few.

But one does not necessarily have to find one’s twin flame to be in a wonderful relationship. One must strive to achieve great relationships with other souls.

Let us take a look at a few of the top signs that one has come across one’s twin flame:

An intense feeling of recognition

When twin souls come across one another, the feeling of recognition is overwhelming. In case you have experienced the feeling earlier, the concerned person is likely to be your twin flame. One gets the feeling that they two are meant to be together.

The relationship is not always smooth

The twin flame frequently acts as a mirror soul that works towards helping you be the best that you can be. In the process, the experience becomes traumatic or harsh at times. This is particularly for the soul that is unequally evolved in a relationship.

Relationship issues correspondingly arise. Your twin flame wants you to become the best you can, but the processes involved with the transformation become difficult. They withhold the potential of inducing anxiety within an individual. One sometimes fights it out with one’s twin flame, upon coming to discover that they are very different from what they were initially presumed to be.

The discontent nevertheless comes to an end, when one comes to realize that all that is happening is for one’s own good. This evolves one’s spirit.

Spiritual evolution is more

Among the two twin flames, one of the souls is relatively more involved. The relationship between the two hence takes the dimensions of the relationship between a master and a disciple. The interaction takes place on those lines and induces spiritual evolution.

The less evolved soul will hence feel the need to evolve and let go of the beliefs that do not define their true self. One delights in the fact that one is assisted, 100% in one’s endeavors.

Both souls feel at home

The company of one’s twin flame allows one to be oneself. Both souls hence come to feel at home, and it’s a great feeling.

Your true flame is your true reflection

When you find your true flame, he or she will be a true reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Your true flame will appear to you like the combination of things that you fear the most in life, and still want the most, both at the same time. This is all for a higher purpose, which induces internal healing.

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