Sandra Anne Taylor, and Universal Laws

Who is Sandra Anne Taylor?

Sandra Anne Taylor is a popular counselor, consultant, and speaker who is known internationally.

She spreads awareness throughout the world about the power of eternal consciousness and personal energy.

Sandra even owns a radio show, “Living Your Quantum Success”, where she explores these principles. She offers different insights and reading worldwide. 

Best Books of Sandra on Life Transformations

Sandra had written many books with the motto of reaching success. Let’s discuss a few of her books.

  • Truth Triumph and Transformation: This book is majorly about clearing out misconceptions of universal law from our heads and fight our fears.
  • Secrets of Success: Mr. Sharon Anne Klinger is a co-author of this book. Here they are giving us a spiritual approach to wealth and exploring the power that we hold within us.
  • 28 days to a More Magnetic Life: It is a pocket-sized book that shares daily techniques to shift you towards positive energy every day.
  • Quantum Success: One of her most applauded books is Quantum Success. It connects success to personal energy patterns. It provides you information and strategies to gain wealth.
  • Secrets of Attraction: This is the first book by Sandra, where she is talking about how to apply Universal law to the pursuit of love.

Other Projects of Sandra

Sandra did not just want to spread her knowledge through books. She is using different platforms to reach the maximum no. of people.

Therefore, she and her twin sister Sharon Anne Klingler co-founded Starbringer Associates.

It is like a consultant bureau that produces Audio Seminars, CDs, and books for personal and professional enhancement.


Sandra is very actively promoting the universal laws as she has had a wonderful experience herself. And she wants people to learn and grow in the same way she has. Even after two failed marriages, she stayed strong, believed in the law, and now distributing her wisdom to everyone she meets.

Sandra doesn’t offer her services in India.

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