Whats Your Soul’s Purpose?

Are you solely following your Soul’s Purpose? or have you got mixed up with your Life Lesson and Soul Purpose?

Wikipedia describe Soul as immaterial element of your being. but Alas, not everything could be found on Wikipedia.

Several people approach Debjani Ghosh, India’s renowned soul reading & akashic records reading expert for Reading Soul Purposes , and at times there is a simple notion like – I have come to learn “unconditional love” or I’ve come to learn “forgiveness”. These are not soul purpose, they can at most be life lessons and still in my practice I find life lessons are so much simpler to decode and work on than giving it a big name like Soul Purpose.

So What is Soul Purpose Reading? – its basically your Divinity what one is solely before having incarnated. What qualities you are having as a Soul makes you Divine and you have some unique qualities which basically if these qualities


(Soul-Quest.in is founded by Debjani Ghosh, Soul Reading Expert India, Akashic Records Reading Expert, with an intent to help people with financial issues, relationships issues, health issues, mental health issues, and business failures for life transforming results.)

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