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Empower your self with

Soul-Quest App

This App is created for the sole purpose of self-healing. This healing works on the sub conscious mind. When using these quantum healing tools you are required to chant or recite a Number or a Switch-word sequence or an Affirmation.

These are safe to use on everything and everybody, and have no side effects. While chanting your energy merges with your Higher Self which brings about the manifestation as a consequence.

This is a highly effective method of curing yourself of ailments big and small in the quickest span of time. The speed of transformation is totally depending on your faith and belief.

These codes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are also not recommended as a replacement of any treatment or medication.

This is an offering by SOUL QUEST for the masses for free,
it is created with the help and guidance of many angels, teachers and master & spirit guides.

One can use them

1) Writing it on the part of the body that has discomfort, or writing it on a sticker and placing that sticker on the body where there is discomfort.

2) Writing it in the air over the part of the body that has discomfort.

3) Typing out the number on your phone or tablet and then holding that device over the body part.

FAQ about the APP?

The app does not tell you anything, it helps you to solve your issues or problems. The app will give you few answers on the basis of the question selected by you.
Everything works on 3 important aspects - Believe, Chant & Faith. Any solution provided has to be just believed in it, has to be chanted as mentioned and have full faith in it.
Go to Google Play Store, Download the App, Sign-up with your email id & mobile number and get your self healed by your-self.
The App is completely free. There are no limitations on asking questions to the app. Its an initiative to help people to help themselves. There are no in-app purchases and no much of annoying ads.
The speed of transformation is totally depending on your faith and belief. Chant with a doubt and we can guarantee you delayed results, but results none the less. Chant with faith and results are tremendously fast.

Soul Quest App intents to help you find a way,
to self heal rather than live in agony of more pain.