Starseed Reading


Starseed is a person who feels a strong connection with the divine creator. They believe that they have been originated from another world or maybe the planet. These people are spiritually gifted with talents like reading minds or predicting the future. A theory states that the purpose of Starseed is to come back to earth and make it better for living. 

Do you think you are a Starseed?

This concept is very different and exciting for most of us. That’s why our brain and soul sometimes make us think that what if we are a Starseed? So what are the signs that can tell if you are a Starseed or not? Let’s see below:

  • You have gone through a spiritual awakening
  • You can read between the lines
  • You get felt mature before your age
  • You kind of have old memories that are unexplainable and doesn’t make much sense
  • Your love for animals and nature
  • You have experienced Déjà vu multiple times

These are some of the points that a Starseed would be able to relate to. 

Types of Starseed

Once you get into it and realize that you are a Starseed, then the question arises that what type of Starseed are you? It depends on your body, mind, soul, and your thoughts. There are whole different theories that come along with each type of Starseed given as below: 

  • Sirian
  • Pleiadian
  • Arcturian
  • Andromedan 
  • Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow
  • Lightworker
  • Orion
  • Lemurian and Atlantean
  • Reptilian

Your reader can explain to you in detail what kind of Starseed you are. And where do you come from? That will help you define your purpose in life.


Some conspiracies and theories speak differently about it. Above all, this whole process can also become risky for a person’s mind. Therefore, before you consult a reader, you must understand the concept of Starseed and what all comes along with it.

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