Clients love SoulQuest

Our Clients are very happy with the transparency of their readings
and the instant shift they find within their lifes.
Before Soul Quest :   downward spiral continuously seeking something... not sure what I was seeking
After Soul Quest :  understood myself, believed in my own power to make things happen as I now knew what I was seeking .. understood the discord with my soul.. feeling great have reconnected to self ❤️ I was helped and guided through whole process best thing I have ever done for myself​.
Ruby D
Program Manager - UK
These sessions have had a huge impact on me . To anyone who says" I don't have the time to help myself" (myself included) , I suggest you try these sessions weekly. I did and now I look forward to spending "me" time each day. The sessions with Debjani are dynamic and filled with guidance and comfort throughout the process.
Kate . D
We are very very happy with the activities and sessions conducted by the SoulQuest Team.Our teams are working with a lot of care and coherence towards our overall Organization Goals. Specially in these tough times, where each employees work-life balance has been taking a toll. Selecting SoulQuest was the best find of 2020.We wish you good luck and a lot more. You are doing AMAZING work for mankind.
Personal Growth Coach & Mentor
Smriti Agarwal
HEAD HR Company Information Confidential
Before Soul Quest : I was running around doing whatever I was getting and wasn't focused.
After Soul Quest : Revelations mostly. About true purpose and what I as an individual can be capable of.
Soul Quest better than others : Time frame. It is simple, quick and very effective.
personal growth mentor
Ipsita Datta
Before Soul Quest : I wasn't aware of my divine gifts, i was not consciously making important decisions.
After Soul Quest : I was mind-blown by a lot of the facts that were told to me about my soul and past life.
Soul Quest better than others : The comfort of knowing the person well.
personal growth mentor
Nirmeet Patil
Before Soul Quest : Not that great but after IT JUST CHANGED EVERYTHING.
After Soul Quest : Lot of changes, positive everything, focus & a lot more.
Soul Quest better than others : Professionalism & Attention given towards me by Debjani.
certified life coach
Daksh Hingarh
Before Soul Quest : I was terribly confused in my life, nothign was going right for the lingest time, tried all types of healing modalities but nothing seemed to work longterm.
After Soul Quest : A huge sense of realisation about why things ere not right, a huge relief of course and very positive.
Soul Quest better than others : Its unbelievable how things have shifted and im succeeding finally in my life and its going to last i can see it. Im transformed
certified life coach
Before Soul Quest : I in retrospect realise that i had many blocks in my life that kept me from experiencing that which i longed for.
After Soul Quest : At the time of the reading i could relate to a number of situations and feelings i was having frequently. I began to open up to the fact that there was some situations beyond my present life that could be playing a part in my present life
Soul Quest better than others : The reader was more definite ,clear and sure of the knowledge which helped me to see the deeper meanings of the situation. To relate to soul and body interaction.
personal growth mentor
Arpana Sarkar​
Before Soul Quest : Always use to think, i know everythin & I'M Right.
After Soul Quest : Understood the seeds of the thoughts coming and going. I'M amazed how myself was a road blocker of my growth.
Soul Quest better than others : Simple To Understand | Easy Processes | Hand-Holding .
certified life coach
Chintan Parekh
Before Soul Quest : Lot of negativity seen in everything, nothing was seeming to work and start of everything was with less hope of finishing. Mostly wasting of time and energy on lot of un productive things.
After Soul Quest : 21 days of guided instructions helped me to un do mostly all of what where holding me back before the reading.
Soul Quest better than others : Commitment
certified life coach
Before Soul Quest : I was sad and demotivated.
After Soul Quest : For my soul reading I would say it was awesome The way Debjani carries out her reading and explains everything is very clear and informative. The whole concept of soul reading was new for me and my reading gave me great insight into the reason why I was not having success in my life and what I wanted, after having the soul reading I was able to change my actions to break my pattern.
achieve personal goals
Anita Dey
Accounts Manager - UK
Before Soul Quest : I was doing ok in life , things were also running on a low since the lockdown.
After Soul Quest : There were too many revelations, lots of things that had happened but I was ignoring them.
Soul Quest better than others : It was very direct and frank, I loved the point blank approach it was quick realisation to what I was hiding all my life.
achieve personal goals
Reynold from USA
Before Soul Quest : I was going through a rough turmoil in my life and was unknown of the crucial knowhow about it.
After Soul Quest : It was a life changing decision, that I decided to do this as this gave me a new lease of life. Everything, literally everything that was told about me was on the dot. I was awestruck at the information I was given, and why I was facing certain situations and circumstances in my life. I completely owe it to Debjani for giving a wonderful insight about my life situations and be able to break the pattern and move forward.
Soul Quest better than others : Words are not truly enough to explain the feeling I am at the moment. Truly and divinely grateful to Debjani for giving me a chance to revamp and resurrect my whole being.
certified life coach
Sudhin Mukundan
Aeronautical Engineer, UAE
Before Soul Quest : There are times when we look up to the heaven and ask WHY ME?
After Soul Quest : Debjanis Akashic Soul reading helped me get some perspective on those events. She was able to resolve most of my emotional, mental and physical blocks that prevented me from exploiting my full potential.
Soul Quest better than others : A problem is a problem till you find a solution and I seem to have found one.
certified life coach
Dayanand Shenoy
Investment Banker & Startup Mentor
Before Soul Quest : My organisation was falling apart. Low sales , low motivation , projects stuck, employees depressed and turnover.
After Soul Quest : Debjani coaching each of my employees , with their soul reading and constantly mentoring them aligned my employees and they began feeling happy and working in great happiness as well. Today my organisation despite of Covid , we are doing well business wise as well as motivation is high we are able to serve and stay safe and grow further.
Soul Quest better than others : The reader was more definite ,clear and sure of the knowledge which helped me to see the deeper meanings of the situation. To relate to soul and body interaction.
certified life coach
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