the secret movie


The Secret is a documentary film that got released in the year 2006. The purpose behind the making of this movie was to ascertain the fact that we can attract anything we want or need. It has a series of interviews where they demonstrate how someone achieves what they desire by persistently thinking about it. Besides that, you also need to maintain a positive emotional state about it and work towards your goals.

Synopsis of The Secret

By now, you already have gotten the brief about what this movie is. However, now we are going to give you a short synopsis of how this movie affects our daily lives and what do you learn from it. The Secret is a movie that revolves around a concept called the “law of attraction”. The Law of attraction is a belief that your thoughts attract your experiences in life. If you are constructive and optimistic about something, the outcomes will probably be positive. However, if you have negative thoughts or feelings about something, then the chances of negative experience increases. 

Along with your thoughts, the key to achieving your goals is gratitude and hard work. All three factors combined can work like magic for anyone. 

Teachings of The Secret

The creators aimed to address a wider audience and give them access to the secret that has stored a magical experience. And all you need to do for that experience is being thankful for things and people around you, having positive thoughts, and be determined in what you do.


By the end, you have understood what the movie wants you to learn and adapt in your life. It will help you create a better life for yourself, where you can accomplish what you want with gratitude, optimism, and hard work.

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