Wealth includes your financial management, project management as well as business planning. And although you have done the hard work , AKASHIC mentoring is an amazing support tool to align your Manifestation journey with your Souls blueprint.

transformation mentor

Project Quest

These are 1hr akashic mentoring sessions with you and your partners towards a specific project for investment, a specific property or an idea that needs to be in alignment with your Soul.Includes soul reading for all aspects of project alongwith readings with clearance for upto 3 partners.

Duration – 60 min/Session
No: of Sessions – 6
Time Frame – Delivered within a time frame of 3 months

transformation mentor

Business Quest

These are akashic mentoring sessions working with existing business only. The pre requisite being business should be in existence and having flow of income. These are detailed session on 1- products and services, marketing & sales plans and contributor as well as systems realignment of current business with each stake holder to realignment towards growth and success of each vertical as well as overall business.

Duration – 3 hour session
No: of Sessions –2 / month
Time Frame – Need to Change Basis (Max time limit offered is 7 months)

transformation mentor

Organization Quest

These are contractual based coaching as well as group training sessions working with employees and department heads on a 121 basis within the organization’s goals. All tools required to build, enhance and upgrade employee performance and focus for success in overall organizational output are systematically used and strategically monitored

Duration – Customized to Client requirement
No: of Sessions –– Customized to Client requirement
Time Frame – Customized to Client requirement