What is Akashic Record? And How to Read Them?

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Today, we will share with you some relevant knowledge about What are Akashic records, How to read them and their importance.

What Does Akashic Records Mean?

“Akashic” derives from the Sanskrit word “Akasha”, which means implied knowledge.

Firstly, let us understand what “message” is.

The message is energy, light, or consciousness. Every particle or micro particle exists in a form called “consciousness”.

These messages are “free” and “infinite” for anyone.

So the Akashic Record is a store of all the past and unoccupied information of the entire universe, for instance, galaxy, solar system, all other histories, technology, etc.

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Therefore, we call the Akashic record the ‘library of the universe’.


How Do You Read Akashic Records?

If if this the first time you have learned about Akashic Records, than find yourself a mentor like Debjani Ghosh, who can handhold you through your journey with Akashic Records to find your life patterns, mental blocks, and issues that you are carrying from past lives to this lives, since it is highly technical subject.

But if you are on your drive to explore it yourself on deeper level, continue reading further.

So, entering the Akashic records is like entering a sacred library, which requires a higher vibration frequency.

To understand higher vibration frequency better, you must first understand “desire” and “enthusiasm.”

When you have the desire to read Akashic Records, you cannot read it without having the right enthusiasm towards it.

When you have pure thoughts, trust, love, respect, etc., you are in the highest vibration frequency.

Therefore, the Akashic record is also regarded as a filter to exclude all entities that have not reached the smallest` frequency specified.

Therefore, the frequency of vibration must be increasing continuously.


How To Know If I Am Able To Access My Akashic Records Successfully?

Akashic Records generally appear in different forms, depends on person to person and their energy system.

It is so huge that you can query very subtle things.

When you enter the Akashic Record, you see a guard who appears in front of you in the form of light and asks your purpose for coming to it.

It’s because they are guarding the Akashic records and most probably trying to help you.

Please note that when entering and leaving the Akashic Records, always give respect, blessings, and gratitude.

Remote viewing is different from Akashic records. “Remote viewing” is structured.

It means the picture you see at that “moment” is not fixed and will change with individual or collective ideas regularly.

It also explains why many people’s remote-viewing predictions do not come true.

The “Akasi Record” has a relatively free format and can freely control the scope of information.

At the same time, remote viewing enters the Akashic record reading completely unconsciously and writes down the subject information you want to know.

When we enter the Akashic record and read the information in a conscious state, we can obtain more, broader information, which cannot be obtained by remote viewing.

Another reminder, when you have given fortune-telling to a teacher, you let the other person enter the Akashic record with your permission, but many people forget to do it.

The thing, that is, “Lock Akashic Records”.

When you are unlocked, the other party can enter and query your Akashic records at will and even control you by this, as if you gave the key to the other party but did not take it back.

How To Unlock Your Akashic Records? or Lock.

As mentioned earlier, messages are all energy, so you have to use your mind.

For example: “Without my ( name ) permission, no one (or the other party’s name) can read the data recorded by my personal Akashic.”

When you finish speaking, it will take effect at the same time. It’s that simple. It’s like you copied many door keys before and gave them back all at once, but the key to unlocking was not a physical form.

So, don’t let others have the opportunity to control you!

Always contact experts for reading Akashic records as they know what is right.

We at Soul-quest.in , we are de-coding Akashic records to create great shifts and transformations within your exisiting as well as upcoming lifetimes.

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