Attend these workshops to build your resilience. These sessions are designed to help you implement your learnings almost immediately after each workshop.

These group workshops (maximum 10 participants) meet for two hours each, spread over a period of six weeks. The frequency, duration, and format of the workshop can be customized to meet your requirements.

Karma to Kriya Workshops

1. Building your Purpose
2. What are Karmas?
3. How to Respond and not React
4. What is Constructive Action “Kriyas”
5. Practicing Awareness
6. Envisioning and Designing your New Life

Mind & Body Realignment

1. Mind Mechanics
Understanding how our mind works in different ways unique to each individual.
1.2 Theory Of Mind :-
Part 2 Data processing and dreaming, Understanding about our Dreams.
1.3 Body Language + Mind
1.4 Body Syndromes – Part 1 ( Face to Chest)
1.5 Body Syndromes – Part 2 ( Legs)
1.6 Body Syndromes – Part 3 ( Hands & Arms)
1.7 Body Syndromes – Part 4 ( Back)
1.8 Face Reading – Part 1
1.9 Face Reading – Part 2
1.10 Face Reading – Part 3
No: of Sessions – 10
Session Duration – 60 Minutes
Mode of Teaching – Online YOUTUBE Videos + Sessions explaining each video.

Learn to Energetically Heal yourself and others with the help of Buddha Energies.

In 6 Hours with attunement and a dedicated 21 days SiddhiKaran Process you will align and achieve transformational powers to your Divinity and energies of “Lord Buddha” Venue : Online Zoom

"Be a soul reader program" - 3 months to being a soul-reader yourself

To all Spiritual Seekers who would like to realign to their blueprint and help others too. Learn this unique process which is logical and intuitive and with time holds tremendous Transformational Value.

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