Attend these workshops to build your resilience. These sessions are designed to help you implement your learnings almost immediately after each workshop.

These group workshops (maximum 10 participants) meet for two hours each, spread over a period of six weeks. The frequency, duration, and format of the workshop can be customized to meet your requirements.

Akashic Records Healing

Karma to Kriya

1. Knowing your Purpose
2. What are your Karmas?
3. How to form Constructive Actions
4. Practicing Awareness
5. Designing your New Life
A 5 part series on transforming your life situations, business and relationships to a more fulfilled life.

Akashic Mentoring

Face Reading

Faces tell a thousand stories, get to know your own and of others around you.
A 9 part video series on discovering the art of reading faces

Excellent tool for gauging people around you wrt sales,
marketing, recruitment, counseling, and even dating.

A program dedicated to the people
who want to know more but don't know how to ask.

Akashic Records Healing

Learn to Energetically Heal yourself and others with the help of Buddha Energies.

In 6 Hours with attunement and a dedicated 21 days SiddhiKaran Process you will align and achieve transformational powers to your Divinity and energies of “Lord Buddha” Venue : Online Zoom

Akashic Records Healing

"Be a soul reader program" - 3 months to being a soul-reader yourself

To all Spiritual Seekers who would like to realign to their blueprint and help others too. Learn this unique process which is logical and intuitive and with time holds tremendous Transformational Value.

Workshops For Every Coach, Healer, Energy Worker, Psychic, Wellness Professional

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Transformational Marketing

Our have a profound transformation to offer the world if only the world knew you existed, and understood the tremendous value you have to offer! Are you ready to attract the clients that you are ideally meant to serve? Are you ready to fill your practice with clients who are ready and willing to invest in the transformation you offer?

Relationship Coach

Duality of Money

Are you tired of chasing money through struggle and “hard” work? It’s not that you don’t want to invest effort or take action … you KNOW that you can’t achieve new financial results without practical implementation. But what if increasing your income didn’t have to be SO HARD?