NOW, Happiness, and an Akashic Reading Story

A client who lived a luxurious life was feeling frustrated and unhappy. He was an ambitious person , but he did not work on his goals in a systematic manner. He kept pursuing his goals , and in the process lost track of his present.

Naturally not being in the present moment his work suffered, as a result , he became unhappy.

Several sessions he would introspect to understand the problem in a better way, but somehow could not figure a consistent reason for his messy state of affairs.

The Story

I remember our first session where he kept repeating the pattern he was going through at all times, after listening to him at length I told him this popular fable of the Cow & the Pig.

So a Pig always lamented his lack of popularity , he went up to his friend the Cow and complained that people were always speaking so well of the cow but no one ever had a good word for him.

The cow and pig are both useful to man.

The cow thought and replied “I give milk and cream while I am alive whereas you give only after you are dead”

That’s what we do. Isn’t it?

We accumulate wealth without enjoying what we have earned , saving for the future.

We choose to stay unhappy in the present moment saving it all rather for a later day. However death is uncertain, it can take anyone by surprise.

The cause of not only my clients but at several times our own unhappy state of mind is none other that our very own selves. We are usually chasing a Mirage when in fact our goal is quite clear in front of us.

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Logically, if our gaze is fixed on something far away, we are surely going to trip our existing step as we are not in the present.

We mostly deceive our self by thinking that if we don’t achieve our future goals we could be happy.

Making happiness a condition of the future like the Pig whereas its the Present that is valued like the Cow. We have to realize that we need to face the present and the future with equal attention.

We should not look at the destination hoping to find our happiness there. True Happiness is found along the way to our goals, during the journey and not at the end of the journey.

Derive happiness in giving while you are alive and enjoy each moment as well.

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