Your Akashic Records Can Explain Why Your Relationships Fail

Reincarnation as an idea is now widely embraced by people all over the world and is becoming increasingly mainstream. Furthermore, the Akashic Records are a tool that can assist you in comprehending your past.


What is an Akashic Record?


The Akashic Records or readings are an energetic record of the deed, thought, feeling, and experience you have ever had in this life and all of your previous lifetimes.


Your Akashic Records are kept in the higher realms, and a psychic blessed with the capacity to access them will require your permission to do so because the Guardians of the Akashic Records are spiritual beings who guard your Akashic Records.


Does any of this sound like you?


Are you feeling hopeless after several broken relationships in your life?

Do you feel you will be alone for the rest of your life?

Lost trust after unhealthy relationships?

You feel like you don’t want any more relationships!


Did that sound like you? Many of us have felt this at some point in our life! Isn’t it?


Most people—if not all—dream of meeting “the one.”

They can spend their entire lives with the right partner—a committed partnership characterized by love, respect, trust, and contentment.


Unfortunately, it’s more complex than it seems to have that kind of relationship because there are many obstacles to finding your dream partner.


Some significant reasons relationships don’t last include lack of loyalty, compatibility, lack of trust, miscommunication or unhealthy communication, misunderstanding, jealousy, unsecured, controlling, self-centered, and so on.


Understanding Your Relationships Through Your Akashic Records:


Your Akashic Records hold all the information about you, including details about your relationships and love life.


Your Akashic Records can disclose the following if you sense that your romantic life is in circles:

  • Why do you keep gravitating toward the same people, places, and experiences?
  • Why do you continue experiencing the same things? Why do you keep running into hurtful or disappointing people?
  • Is your relationship karmic or soulmate connection
  • Why has a specific person been sent into your life?
  • Why did you have to face failed relationships in the past?
  • You will have the chance to learn from your missteps to prevent them.
  • Even if karma is a factor in the relationship issues you’ve been experiencing, your Akashic Records may be able to tell you about it.


What you sow is what you will therefore reap in karma. For you to learn from the experience you’ve delivered to another, for instance, you might have caused another person’s heartbreak in a previous life. As a result, you must go through it all over again with them in this one.


How Your Akashic Records Can Teach You How To Create Successful Relationships In The Future:


Your Akashic Records will reveal information you would never have known about yourself. You can comprehend what transpired in your relationships from a different perspective by learning at this kind of soul level. It’s like putting a puzzle together for the first time after seeing how each piece fits.


When your Akashic Records are read, you can learn the following:


  • If your relationships in this life have been harmed by your past-life behaviors like lying or refusing to communicate, cheating.
  • If you have emotional baggage from previous lives that interferes with your relationships in this one.
  • Whether your present connections are being impacted by old karma.

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If you are currently in a relationship, If you and your lover are presently dating, an Akashic Records reading can reveal whether you and your partner have had a previous life together and even how many times shared former incarnations and what your soul agreements are.


What is soul agreement?

Before they are reborn, two souls enter into a contract known as a soul pact. Your soul agreements will explain your decision to reunite in this lifetime.


I will tell you if you agreed to have both good and bad experiences and what soul lessons you decided to learn from one another by discovering your soul agreement.


Suppose you are not in a relationship or have ended one. In that case, An Akashic Records reading will make clear what must be done for you to proceed down your soul path, the route you must travel to fulfil your aspirations for spiritual advancement during this lifetime.


Additionally, Akashic Healing will free you from emotional distress and lingering karma from previous lives. You may feel as though you’re caught in a loop because Stuck Energy Patterns (SEPs) can confine you due to emotional suffering and old karma.


To Wrap up:

With Akashic Reading for your love Relationship, you will find it simpler to forgive yourself and your partners when you have clarity regarding the potential causes of events in your love relationship. To prevent these blunders in the future, you will also have the chance to learn from your mistakes. You will have the opportunity to make wiser judgments from this place of greater awareness. 

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